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Running thoughts

I know that when I'm running at the moment its meant to be in zone 2, it's long, slow and I should be thinking about running tall etc. but I can't stop my mind wandering over 90 mins or so. Whilst dodging the dog plop (29 piles in one 2 k stretch this morning, including 1 stuck 2 foot up a wall?!) I swear I've solved all festering work issues, Fermat's last theorem and global warming. Problem is none of them manage to stay in my mind when the stopwatch stops. Am I the only one?


  • No, I too just seem to run in some sort of trance at the moment. Out on Sunday for a 17km run, and mind just seemed to wonder all over the place. Only way I could keep my focus was to re-route so I was running on technical trails through woods with streams etc to cross, instead of just trails along old railway lines.
  • pippip Posts: 170
    did 15k yesterday and all i could think about was every step i run is one less to walk
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I sing to myself haha
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Mindset..change it. It seems the run is a chore, how about its an opportunity to get outside, to feel the real world, on your face under your feet etc. We have had are having a most beautiful autumn display this year..have you noticed? See the subtle change through the days/weeks/months. squirrels, ducks, geese, heron, wood pigeons, gulls, woodpecker etc all on my very urban run routes in & around Birmingham.
  • I know from the avatars that many of you are dog lovers and am sure you are responsible to the nth degree. However...

    I am fed up with having run ruined by the excessive deposits that aren't removed. In summer it's not so much of an issue because I can see it and end up doing a giant slalom. However in these winter months I usually have to run in the dark and the first I know of it is a sudden loss of traction. This coupled with a four legged fiend who doesn't understand that I'm not a hare at Walthamstow dog track (I don't look like one and god knows I don't run as fast). I've been taken out twice in the last 4 months, fortunately no serious injury but I know my luck can't last. This is not helped by the owners shouting at me "If you just stopped it wouldn't chase you". I'm usually too incensed to converse eloquently, to point out that its called running not stopping, to explain about the importance of maintaining a heart rate in zone 2 etc. Oddly my usually robust use of Anglo Saxon fails me too, cries of "unbelievable" usually the first to pass my lips.

    I'm not looking for a solution, just venting my spleen and now feel much better. Thank you for listening.
  • With you there mate I was tripped my a dog about a month ago and decked it (stupid chav owner wasn't keeping it under control)...I lost two weeks training from the briusing to ribs, and still not able to swim due to sore shoulder...The owner did apologise at least, and I'm pretty sure I damaged the poor dog.
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