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Woodhall Spa Sprint 3 June

ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
400m (heated) outdoor pool swim 24k bike 5k run
Weather cold, windy and rainy

Swim: Steady, uneventful, got out, 2nd in wave, took it easy as getting over chest infection. 9:26, 7s slower that last.

T1: Sploshed into soggy T1, lost time putting on arm warmers, fingers not working. Sploshed to mount point through 2” puddle, wet paws (shoes clipped in) 1:57, last year 1:42

Bike: Slow start, pratted about with shoes then got working, up to 41kph, into wind 22-34kph. Standing water on road, brake pads aquaplane before biting. Keep up attack, overtaking other riders but race is with myself. Course bike PB 46:33 when windy but dry, this year not as windy but wet.
12k in wind drops crank it up 42-51 kph for next 5k, next 5k bendy stuff 32-40kph, last 2k into oblique wind 34kph. Yes, 45:23, bike PB broken by 1m 11s

T2: no dramas 1:09 last year 1:12.

Run: Cold, wet, shoes sodden, halfway in feeling pretty OK unable to push the pace. 1k to go brain gave order to push out but legs probably working out a shopping list or something until the last 500m when they decided to put away the pen and paper and do some bloody work. Paced out at 14kph steady, crossed the line in 22:26, last year 22:50

Swim 9:28
T1 1:57
Bike 45:23 - PB
T2 1:09
Run 22:26
Total 1:20:21 - PB

5th in age group (55-59).
136 overall out of 508 so just out of top 25%
PB for bike and course

First three in age group all under 1:17 so I was well out of it but waiting for the series results, after 2 races I am lying 4th; leader on 1855 points, 2nd 1791, 3rd 1650 and me 1617, this race is the decider.

Previous times: overall and bike
2012 1:20:20 45:22
2011 1:21:36 46:33
2010 1:24:20 49:28 (think I was being dozy or something and missed a turn)
2009 1:22:13 48:19
2008 1:27:41 52:28
2007 1:31:50 54:05

Got home, hot shower, beans and toast and hot drink, snooze and obligatory 3pm sit down with cat snoozing on my lap. Later bike cleaning.


  • Horters43Horters43 Posts: 17
    Couldn't see this with no replies - lot's of whinging on here about a lack of forum activity so thought I would take action....

    Nice race report - I am in awe of the continued year on year improvement (especially as I have only done one Tri to date )

    What's the next event? I'm doing the Birmingham Olympic in Sutton Park - all my mates are waiting for me to get attacked by a duck and/or swim into a submerged shopping trolley.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Yeah those shopping trollies are wicked and as for the ducks - floating duck poo

    Good luck with your race, you too will see a race on race improvement. Top tip is to practice transition, I am still making silly mistakes.
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