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aero wheels

Looking for a pair of aero wheels. must be shimano compatable 8/9/10 speed hub.
Ideally Planet x carbons or similar in that price range (can't streatch to big money)
50 - 80mm depth, tubs or clinchers considered




  • mat baconmat bacon Posts: 6
    Hello Doogle

    Ive got the following for sale, don't know if your interested?

    Used American Classic 85 Tubular Wheelset for sale. Very good condition and feel stiff when riding.

    I've used them for a couple of training rides, were bought to be used as a spare set. One side of the front has two small marks on the red print and either side of the rear has one small mark in the print, marks are too small to bother me.

    Shimano Freehub, Shimano Ultegra 10sp 11-21 Cassette included.

    2 x Vittoria Corsa Evo 23-28 Tubs included.

    Valve Extenders and Skewers included, no Wheel bag.

    Only done approx 100 miles using the wheels hence there is no visible wear on the braking area, the tubs and the sprockets.

    See the American Classic Website for the full spec.....


    Also, please see the image attached.

    £750 including postage.

    Best regards

    Mat Bacon

    Nottinghamshire, UK

    07872 455833
  • doogledoogle Posts: 58

    thanks for your offer, but unfortunately out of my price range.
    Look a great set of wheels though


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/WPP ... ace_wheels

    Have a pair of these and they are great, not to be confused with the standard PX 50s, these are much lighter
  • these are much lighter
    Er....... 11 grammes

    Blow your nose pre race and that'll be the difference
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    129 grammes, according to the PX website.

    Standard PX 50s are 1,421g, these are 1,292

    Though admittedly, have a big dump and don't carry water in your race and you'll save much more...!
  • gb901gb901 Posts: 148
    Barely used (less than 100miles) set of SRAM S60 - benefits of Zipp at fraction of price.

    Used for two olympic triathlon and three training runs. As new with no marks to wheel or braking surface.

    Yours for £500 plus carriage.
  • doogledoogle Posts: 58
    Thanks for all the responses, managed to pick up a pair of planet x r50's for £349.99 new.
  • dymyydymyy Posts: 3
    the ankle (v.nasty) with lots of ankle joint damage as well. Pins, plates the works. These were later removed. She now runs regularly and has since taken up tri.
  • Well thank the lord he ankle is healing !!!!!!
  • Hi have Bontrager race x -lite carbon tubs £400.00 0no

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