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70.3 fit in 2 months?

I'm due to do the henley half in mid-Sept but i'm way behind in my training for a variety of reasons. I'm wondering if anyone thinks it's possible to get race fit (by that I mean get you round in the cut of time) in the remaining 10 weeks?
My swimming is atrocious, i'm in the beginners lane at tri club but my cycling and running will be ok once i get my act together, I can could cycle the distance now more or less and i did a marathon in March so it won't be my first long run.
Realistically I know I need to do about 8 sessions a week, but i'm time poor so it's more like 5 or 6 sessions if I'm lucky.
I know no-one has sixth sense but i'm asking the question in case anyone else has been daft enough to try it?
I know a good coach i could pay to do me a plan but i don't want to shell out a fortune for that if i'm barking up the wrong tree.
I've looked for free on line plans but they're not freely available hence my dilemma.
Any pearls of wisdom very much appreciated.


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Pay the coach. Splash the cash. How much was your entry fee? How much was your bike? How much did your marathon entry cost? How much per swim session? How much to travel to Henley? Running shoes? Overnight accommidation? How much for the coaches time for a personalised plan? Realities & priorities?

    First question you should ask though is what you've asked here - can I get round within the cut off times? Knowing your swim run & bike times will allow that judgement. If the answer is no then there may be no charge. If the answer is yes the the coach should be able to produce a plan based on your abilities and limiters. A plan that you are involved in drawing up should get your commitment & should work.

    Training plans work for those they are designed for. Who knows who online plans are designed for? You haven't got much time nor traing session so every one needs to work for you.

    Hope this helps

  • Really good point HarryD, I know you're right, it's all relative.
    I think I need to give it a long hard think over the next few days and make a final decision, I know you can't transfer the entry fee which is frustrating as no-one else can use my place.
    Still I'd love to have a crack at it but my swim time is the real issue, time for some honest self-talk!
    Thanks a lot for the help.
  • sonofsammosonofsammo Posts: 191
    I'm not particularly fit, but got round the Swashbuckler Half in May after nearly a month off. So it's doable.
    If you've done a marathon recently you should still have good base fitness to build on.
    If your aim is just to finish, then 10 weeks is plenty. 5-6 sessions should be plenty too.
    You just need to make sure they're quality sessions.
    A swim coach is an excellent idea and can help ensure you make the most of your time in the water - and plus if you don't make that cut off for the swim, it doesn't matter how good your biking and running are!
    Ask the same question on the BCTTT forum and I'll bet you'll get lots more practical advice.
    10 weeks - 8 hours a week - that's another 80 hours training! Plenty :-D
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