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washing kit

Smelly greetings!

After washing my kit, I tends to retain a bit of odour, to put it mildly. The wife says it's because I don't use softner, but most lycra and compression kit says not to.

Do you use softner, learned how to love your body odour, or use any other tricks?



  • I just cold wash on a sports wash programme and air dry.

    Over time kit does get smelly ( much the same as old water bottles)

    Thats when it's time for new kit. funny how all my gear only "seems to last a week or two"
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Use BIOTEX,
    soak the kit in BIOTEX overnight then, wash on a 40 degree setting as normal.Don't use softner.

    Over time, the kit gets impregnated with bacteria that activates with body heat, so it may smell, ok when you get it out of the kit store, but wearing it for a short while, the odour appears. BIOTEX or Vanish works for me, or as Willieverfinish recommends, just buy new kit.

    Standing at the start of a road race, on a sunday morning, there is always a certain 'aroma' drifting around, that is definately not 'manstink'.
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