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First Aquathlon - what to wear?

After reading my husbands Tri magazine for the last 18 months I have just entered an Aquathlon! This is scary in itself but now need to think about what I am going to wear.
I looked at tri suits and they all have the padded bottoms for cycling, but I'm not going to be cycling so was wondering if i should get one of those swimming costumes with built in legs - looks a bit like a tri suit in terms of leg length.
The other thing is that I have large breasts. I keep them under control when I am running by wearing a shock absorber sports bra. Do other women wear sports bra's in the pool? Just wished the transistion area had a changing cubicle! lol.
Unfortunately I haven't been to watch any aquathlons, i've watched my hubby do some tri's but I didn't see any women taking part that needed a bra.
Any help/advice would be much appreciated.


  • mh1mh1 Posts: 2
    Hi Leebee - well done for plucking up the courage to enter an aquathlon! I am also about to do my first one, but my daughters have been involved in them for a year or so (and they are just about to do their first tri). They wear swimming "skins" (the swimsuits with shorts legs) and put a tshirt or long sleeved shirt on over them at transition (depending on the weather). I have bought an inexpensive tri suit for me as I can see us all progressing to tris before too much longer! I have also seen people wearing a regular swimming costume with shorts under (or over, depending on how well they fit, I suppose). I would suggest that shorts of some kind would be necessary from the comfort (and self-consciousness) point of view for the run.

    Like you, I cannot run without my shock absorber and am planning to wear mine in the pool under the suit - I can't see there being any problem with that, and I don't suppose anyone will notice anyway as the other competitors will all be focussing on their own swim and the supporters will be watching their own competitors! I will be putting a baggy tshirt on at transition though as I am much too self-conscious to run in just the tri suit!

    Best of luck!
  • leebeeleebee Posts: 2
    I've decided that the swimming cosume with short legs will do just fine and even if i never do another aquathlon i can wear it swimming so won't be a waste of money.

    Have you practised swimming wearing your bra in the pool?

    Also, do you have to pin a number on the tshirt? My husband has a tri belt that he puts on but I will most definitely be putting a top on.

    Are you going to be wearing socks?

    Sorry- so many questions!
  • mh1mh1 Posts: 2
    No, I haven't practised with the bra yet but my last two long runs (10mile+) have been in such torrential downpours I feel that a practice is probably no longer necessary - every item of clothing was soaked through

    Yes, pin the number to the shirt with safety pins beforehand (you might be given two numbers for front and back, if you only get one you usually put it on the front). Take safety pins with you! Leave the shirt and your shoes in the transition area as you go in to start your swim. In some events we have been given a bag for everything to go in. For some swims you are given a hat with your number on, sometimes it is written on your arm / leg, sometimes both! It is a good idea to put some talc into your shoes in order to put them on with wet feet. I probably won't do socks (for a 5k run) but it is your own personal preference - if you do want to put them on talc would probably be a good idea there too. I'm sure I have read somewhere about wearing socks in the pool too (not for me though, and I haven't seen anyone doing that).

    Don't worry about the questions - it can all be a bit of a mystery when you first start!
  • I have seen ladies wearing bras under trisuits. Also, I wouldnt bother with putting a top on for the run. You wont be the only lady running round in lycra! It's really hard putting a top on when you are all wet. Enjoy the day!
  • CoupieCoupie Posts: 2

     I know this is an old thread, but this is all really interesting!





  • CoupieCoupie Posts: 2

    Thats all really interesting, I've just signed up for my first Aquathlon in November and was ponderig what to wear etc...so this is all great...

    If you choose not to wear a Top after the swim, what do you do about numbers do you just run with the numbers thats are printed on your body?

    I guess you can swim in the tri suits, silly question I guess, as they are made for tri, but how quickly does the water thats absorbed in the pad disperse?


  • Although I am a guy I would suggest its not a cotton sports bra as will be wet and rub during the run - definitely test this out by running from a pool session. The other day I used a tee that I normally don't run in and got a really bad case of "chest" rubbing! Also remember to but the number on while the t-shirt is worn (I always crinkle mine up too) that way the number isn't going to tear off while you're struggling with the tee (or less likely)... mainly that's why most wear race belts for the ease of transition.  

    Coupie: I think some event penalise you if you haven't got a number - best to check the rules of the race - and how they are to be worn..... back/front or both....

    Good luck all

  • The belt of the bra should sit exactly horizontal and so tight that only two fingers fit between it and the body. Then the belt takes on the main load, and the straps only fix the cups in place and do not put pressure on the shoulders. Otherwise, you will have a feeling of tightness in the neck and shoulders, chafing and even headaches. Or I am thinking maybe I should buy an orthopedic https://ortorex.com/p/bra/ bra? Isn’t it harmful if to wear it every day?

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