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A month to go to London Triathlon...

AKAK Posts: 27
...so thought I'd push a little post out to gather thoughts/advice from both the sages and the newbies out on the forum.

Anyone doing it this year (I know I am, first bigger event I'll be doing, so slowly by surely getting nervous..)?

Anyone did it in previous years and loved it / hated it? Why? Any wisdom for first-timers?


  • 7,000 odd entrants per day so remember where you racked your bike! Transition is inside the Excel so use an advertising hoarding as a marker. Fast and flat run is good for a PB too.

    And, by past experience, don't lose your race numbers 5mins before the gun!
  • Race1Race1 Posts: 58
    London (along with Blenheim) is probably the best organised event in England. So don't worry too much about it. It was my first Tri and I've done it every year since.

    Excel - Depending on your start time, you may find the roads around Excel are closed. So double check your route in to the site. Car parking isn't cheap so budget a fair bit for that.

    Swim - Try and be at the Swim briefing 20mins or so before the start time. It's between the Expo and Transition. The Welsh guy who does it understands a lot of newbies are at the event. Then you'll go down the stairs and out to the water.

    Transition 1 - After water exit. You will be required to remove your wetsuit before you enter Excel. And put it into a large plastic bag that will be provided by the numerous helpers. Then it's a fairly long run up some stairs (be careful as they will be wet) around Transition to your bike. The Transition lanes have boards at each end saying what wave you are and what time so look for those. TBH unless you are first or last there will be others in the same area so you'll naturally follow them.

    Bike - Generally flat. Closed roads too. Have seen some acccients so be aware. I think people get a bit too excited.

    T2 - Usual fare. Ramp back up from the car park area, so be aware of that. Dismount line etc etc

    Run - Very flat aside from the ramp back up into Excel which you'll encounter every lap. Loads of support from the various charities along that part too. Numerous water and gel/gatorade stops too.
  • +1 like Race1 said, Good course review!

    The only things I would add to that are:-

    Give yourself plenty of time to get there!......Last year we left 3 hours to get there thinking it would only take an hour.......Big mistake!.......The traffic was mayhem! Basically got there rushed to T1 with all the kit, put my wetsuit on and jumped in!.......Stress levels were through the roof

    Secondly, the ramp that Race1 mentions going into T2! beware of other cyclists here as some get caught out by not being in the right gear and they end up swerving all over the place also this ramp is very rough concrete!
  • Thanks for the advice guys. This is my first big Tri and so nervous. Im doing the dunmow tri in essex this weekend as part of my training. but still getting worried about London triathlon.
  • AKAK Posts: 27
    +1 on the thanks - some useful stuff.

    harveynev - I'm in exactly the same boat

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