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Bike wanted - Budget of around £700 - £1000

Hi there,
My work have kindly given me a budget of upto £1000 in order to buy a new bike. At the moment I have a cheap Viking Bike however i've quickly realised I need something (a.) a little lighter, (b.) a little better spec and (c.) shoes, pedals etc (instead of straps and trainers). Ideally i'd like a TT/Triathlon bike however the cost may bump this up over the mark I intend to pay. I'm looking at something of around £700-£800.
I was thinking of just going with a sensible option like a 'specialized Allez sport 2013' - Any good?

The big problem I have is I really dont know the first thing about bikes, so would be wary about buying off ebay/second hand etc.

Any help would be gratefully received.


  • Hi Dan,

    I can't comment on the Allez, but in your budget range it may be worth looking at the Giant defy 2, I'm really happy with mine and add some better wheels at a later date and you've got a pretty solid entry level road bike. Alternatively have a good look around the various websites as there seem to be some bargains to be had at this time if year. Triuk, wiggle, chain reaction cycles etc. all worth a look though CRC's sale ends this weekend.

    Good luck with it.
  • Dan684Dan684 Posts: 28
    Latino Beat.
    Thanks very much. Will have a good look around. Actually gonna have a look at CRC now. Was also toying with the idea of having a custom made one done with 'Ribble'. Can get a carbon one there for around £800
  • dymyydymyy Posts: 3
    I broke my leg several years ago and now have 2 steel pins in my lower right leg. Can any body advise if I could run , having not done a tri for 4 years
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