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I had my van broken into last night (03/09/2012) in York and had stolen my TT bike and other stuff. I’m posting this in the hope that someone will hear of something, either the bike being sold whole or in bits.

The Bike

Was labelled as Sigma. It is low-profile with a 650c carbon fork. The rear was standard 700c. It is predominantly blue and has a teardrop profile on the down tube and set tube.

Rear wheel: Token, deep section carbon, red/white decals
Front wheel: Zipp 400, deep section carbon, green decals, 650c
Groupset: Shimano Dura-Ace, including bar-end shifters
Saddle: Selle Italia, red/white with rear-mounted bottle cage
TT bars: Token ski bend
Pedals: Look Delta

Cables were blue and bars had blue insulation tape securing cables to bars

Other bits

Xterra transition bag that had in it: Skins trisuit, Bell Meteor II helmet, Polar HRM, Specialized shoes
Metal tool box with range of Sykes Pickavant spanners and screwdrivers. Also bike related tools, chain splitter, BB spanner, cable cutters, etc

If anyone can help, it will be most appreciated. Let either me, or North Yorkshire Police know. Many thanks in anticipation.


  • Sorry to hear about this, there's some scum about isn't there.
  • Thanks for that Stu. Yes, there are scum about. The good news is that the police arrested and charged two junkie scum bags. The bad news is that they had moved a lot of my stuff on. When asked where to, they replied with the old favourite, no comment!

    Supposed to be doing South Hunsley tri but looks like I may have to withdraw due to lack of pedals/shoes/suit/funds!
  • I'll happily loan some kit out if it allows you to race

    PM me what you need in what size.

    Glad they caught the fuckers - shame they sold it on. Wankers
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi, sorry to hear about your theft, hopefully I will be doing the (Artemis tri) South Hunsley tri on the 7th Oct.

    I have and can lend a variety of tri gear, depends on size etc, live on the Sth Bank of the Humber, and happy to help if necessary, but judging by your gear that was tea leafed, mine might be slightly archaic, but happy to help, just pm me.
  • Thanks for the offers, Willie and Jon.E, there are kind folk out there!

    I'm hoping to be able to buy some shoes before the Artemis and I can borrow some pedals to go on the road bike. I've got another tri suit so I should be OK for everything but shoes, size 10 usually.

    On the downside, the CPS decisded that there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute! This is despite the fact that there were arrested physically trying to break into a vehicle and that some, though very little, of my gear was found in both their houses. "No comment" obviously goes a long way!
  • Unbelievable

    I have some specialised Tri vents in a 10 you can borrow

    Pm me if you need to
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    No worries, I have size 11, keo plates, will bring them on the day, if you get stuck, I can lend my pryos so you would just need trainers, and I would use bike shoes instead.
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