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Bike racking for Sunday London Triathlon

Hi there,

Last year I remember reading that for the Sunday racers you have to rack your bikes on the Saturday, however I've seen nothing about this for this years event.

I'm in the mixed Olympic at 12pm - do I rack on the Saturday or Sunday?




  • Hi John,

    If you take a look at your race info pack page 9, it states to:-

    Arrive at least 90min before your race start time.

    Go to the Chip desk applicable to your race number, don't forget ID.

    once you have collected your chip and attached it to your ankle you can then go and rack your bike!

    Hope this info clears things up for you!.......hope you have a good day!
  • Thanks Nigel - looks like they've changed it for this year!
  • Yes, it was on the Saturday last year!

    Good luck on Sunday, I'll be starting 50min after you!
  • Hi,

    London this sunday is my first Tri!

    I am in the wave starting at 8, so getting there is proving a bit of an issue.

    I know the info pack says that racking is 90 mins before - does anyone know if there is an option to rack the night before if you wanted to?

    That way i can just jump in a taxi in the morning without having to worry about my bike. I don't live locally, won't have a car, and the tube isn't open early enough to get me to the excel for 6:30 from where i am staying...!

    Thanks for any help/suggestions!
  • Have you e mailed the race organiser ?
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