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Hever Tri

I've just completed my first ever tri which was at Hever - i did the mid event which was 800m 40k bike and 8k run.

Having never done one before i didnt know what to expect and arrived super early to get a feel for what was going on. It was really well organised and very friendly. The trasition area was huge and there were loads of people to help out and advise on where to go. The lake was absolutely freezing, much colder than any of the lakes i'd previously experienced but the course was clearly marked and easy to navigate. The bike route was undulating, with a long hill at the start, but it was a great course with some fairly fast bits along the way - again excellent marshalls and very well sign posted - impossible to get lost. The run hurt! you go straight up a hill to start, then its grassy going into shingle back into grass, then a hill towards the end. Again all well mapped with lots of marshalls on hand. Would i do the event again, yes for sure - very very friendly, well marshalled and overall seemed a great course for all 3 disciplines.


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Jamesly, sorry for delay in posting - well done - you are now a triathlete Hope to read many more reports in the future
  • Congrats Jamesly on becoming a triathlete!
    Well done on the race, heard great things about Hever but never been so will see you there next year!
    Keep us posted on your progress (and hope the DOMS isn't too bad!).
    Cheers, Matt (220)
  • JameslyJamesly Posts: 69
    Thanks to both of you for your comments - after all the training it felt great to finish and cant wait for the new season. Despite the cold lake, I am planning on doing Hever again next year as well as a few others, just not sure which ones yet.
  • I don't know where you are, but my favourites so far have been:

    Cotswold sprint - smallish but brilliantly organised event, lake is nice and clear, bike fairly flat and a pancake of a run. Good facilities for spectators.

    Banbury sprint- smallish but again brilliantly organised, interesting 50m outdoor pool, challenging bike in a couple of places and a quick out and back. The route is fairly compact with laps of both bike and run so good for spectators to move about.

    Blenheim sprint- just for the scale and setting, but also the killer run to T1!! Undulating bike and run and a great atmosphere. Only downside is too many super fit sports personalities walking about with their tops off, makes me feel a bit inferior. The wife likes it though

    Roade sprint- the pool swim is a bit of a bun fight, but a great end of year event and a good PB opportunity. Bike undulating but quick and run pancake flat out and back. Slightly cruel turnaround point just past the finish line

    I'll be doing all next year which I guess is as good a recommendation as any.
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