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First Bike Tri Bike or Racer

Hi all,

Im new to triathlon, basically ive been involved in the fitness Industry for over 14s years and have now decided id like to have a go at Triathlon. Ive took part in a couple of Aquathons this year and have gotten more into running also.Next year I plan on competing in my first triathlon.

So the question is ,what is a good first bike to get. I know I need try out the bike and get fitted etc, I have upto 1000 euro to throw at it. Should it be a tri bike or racer, would I even get a tri bike for under 1000 euro,

Any recommendations would be great. Im about 5ft 9 and half and around 175 pounds if that make any difference,

Thanks again


  • On the road bike front I've been very happy with my 2011 Giant Defy 2. It needed upgraded wheels and I've stuck some aero bars on, but all in spent about £830.( the bike was reduced to £500). The 2012 version has better components on it if I remember rightly so definitely worth considering IMHO.
  • baazzaabaazzaa Posts: 13
    Thanks LatinOBeat,

    I was just reading the reviews on it, I see that is has the tiagra gears, same as what the defy 1 has, not that means anything to me but im reading thats a good thing. Price seems sweet too, not too expensive and enough left over to get the aerobars on and maybe something else.

    Sounds good.
  • If your going to add to it, I'd look at trying to get some upgraded wheels. I put some Halo Aerorages on and that seemed to speed things up a bit. Good luck with the shopping.
  • baazzaabaazzaa Posts: 13
    Cheers Much appreciated
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