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Afternoon team

I have been stuck in a real rut for the past few weeks, I came back from holiday in september and stupidly pulled out of an event. signed up for a cross country which i did and now i have picked up a knee problem. I am now massivley lacking in motivation as I havent been running as much and just messing around with bits and bobs of swimming and mountain biking. Does anybody have advice or tips on how to get my mojo back? When i run i love it but for about 2-3 days after my knee has sharp pain and i struggle. please help!


  • Hey

    Ok - as obvious as it sounds you need to find out a) what you have done to your knee and b) how to fix it ( as in who to go and see)

    Knee problems can be varied in their diagnosis so go somewhere with a good reputation. Were about in the country are you - maybe someone on here could recommend somewhere.

    Once that's sorted you may find the desire to train and race on the off season returns. Maybe try an event you haven't done before ?

    What are your strengths ? I'm guessing running ?

    Have you set any targets for next season ?

    I find it incredibly difficult to motivate myself unless I have a focus . Have you bested yourself is year ?

    Maybe your body is tired and asking for a month off.... How long have you been in this game ?

    Pop back and keep us updated. I'd be interested to know about the knee.
  • Hi Guys, thanks for the reply, I saw my phisio, touch wood no ligament damage, she thinks possibly some cartilage damage that will hopefully heal with rest. minimal running for 2 weeks, itll be 4-6 before im back at full speed, lots of biking, swimming and core work. Going to enter a couple of events for next year so i have a goal again
  • I suggest to rest for enough time to get back to your routine without pain. Just give your knee enough time to be heal up completely and after that you can start any exercise. Mean you can consider to just walk for 10-15 minutes daily for avoiding any weigh gain issue. But don't walk if your knee still don't allow you for.
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