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Recommendations for Turbo Training DVD?

Hello all,

Looking for a turbo training DVD - just wondered if anyone had any recommendations on one which is good for triathlon?

I already have the Real Rides Race Day which seems good but was wondering if there was a DVD out there which would help more in terms of tri training.




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    TayoTayo Posts: 1
    You can try the sufferfest videos. They have some general cycling videos. But also some great TT videos. They are a structured workput and really help pass the time. I use the all the time, Downward spiral is a personal favourite. No cadence/power necessary.

    Google 'Thesufferfest' (cant url)
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    They are great cheap and perfect. I have a few of them and really enjoy them. If you can get into the mood that you are in the race they are great. Also they link to this http://www.trainerroad.com/ which is meant to be very good I havent tried it but if i get and ant stick for christmas then I will be
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