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I am at a loss, i have made the decision to have a set of rollers rather than a turbo trainer in the house, but i know very little about them!

Could anyone shed some light on which are good ones/bad ones to buy, the advantages of having rollers with resistance over ones with out and if it is worth while buying one secondhand or will i just be buying a problem?

Many thanks


  • Hi, I use rollers in the winter months to keep my legs spinning. The book below has a section about rollers 'v' turbo trainers and I find a couple of the workouts quite useful.

    Cycling Turbo Training for Beginners - a quick start guide to cycling indoors to explode your fitness fast. Available at Amazon on Kindle for the grand sum of £1.53. Well worth it!!
  • speshspesh Posts: 3
    Thanks, i will give it a look!
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