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Just to say hi

I hate lurking on forums .... Just been reading lots of great info. I'm relativly new to Tri. I completed a sprint tri a while ago. So now I want to improve a bit.
I am no stranger to training Ex military so can put the effort in. I want to keep myself fit due to a medical condition. The fitter I keep myself the less stress my body gets which seems quite strange to some.
I have no problem swimming breast stroke but really struggle with crawl so will work on that.
Cycle Got myself a reasonable starter bike Giant Rapide 3. Had the bike set up by a friend. Just getting the distance in regular.
Running ahh can plod for miles boots and packs have seen to that lol. So will work on speed.

I have a good set of weights and a cross trainer in my attic so will build up strength and core. My goal is to do the Stratford/Warwick Sprint events this year. I train on my own mostly, but will start back at my local parkrun Leamington Spa. I have had some time out from training through injury that has now cleared up.

Whew a bit of a long one



  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Hi Melville

    Good luck with your training and have a good season.

  • Hi Mel,
    All the best with your sprint event! It's all good fun! Enjoy!

  • Thanks Guys I am looking forward to it. If the training goes well I will probably have a go at a longer distance but gently, I'm in no hurry. I want a good base of fitness to build on. Yes I know it is going to hurt too.

  • Ah sprints

    The test to see how fast and hard you've gone is how much you dry heave at the finish.

  • LOL I will let you know how it goes. One of the complications I have is a medical condition. Addissons disease. hence the reason for keeping fit. Why Tri ? because just running is boring. Sorry to any runners

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