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Is it possible to go from 0-1.9k in June

From more experienced people out there is it possible to go from 500m of drills to be able to swim 1.9k in June?

Already got an event booked but new to swimming and struggling with front crawl. Am I wasting my time and money?


  • It's definitely possible. I went from being able to do one length of crawl to 1.9k crawl in a similar time. I suggest a mixture of crawl training and distance training. Presumably you can swim breast stroke without much trouble? If so you could do it as follows.
    Start doing 10 continuous lengths breast stroke twice a week. Draw up a program of increasing this by 2 lenghts every week. When you are up to 20 lengths, start increasing by 4 a week. As part of this, when you have done your continuous lengths, do one length crawl (or whatever you can manage). Have a really good rest, then go again. Do as much as you can manage, making sure you drink water inbetweeen (maybe an energy drink if you are used to that while training). As you improve you should be able to push the on crawl length up to 2 or 3. Once you can do 3 crawl lengths continuous, incorporate the odd crawl length into your continuous set. Something like 3 BS, 1 crawl, 3 BS, 1 C etc. You may be out of breath after the crawl length, but try and keep going, even if it's a very gentle bs length. Eventually, you will feel your crawl lengths are easier and you will get to a stage where you hardly need any bs to rest.
    When I did this it turned me from a below average swimmer to a good one. I now love swimming.
    Good luck with it, and keep asking questions on here if you need more tips.
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Course you can do it. But if swimming front crawl is a problem it will be far from easy. Need to improve your technique and improve your fitness at the same time. Try and avoid being better at swimming badly.

    Find out which local tri clubs offer coached sessions and join up.

    If you let us know where you are no doubt someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

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