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Training on holiday in the UK

Hi, I am looking to get away for a week during the Easter break but would like to incorporate some training whilst away. I was looking at the Club La Santa on Lanzarote but the wife would rather stay in the UK and will, definately, not be taking part in my training.
Any ideas for places in the UK that offer swim, bike and run training whilst combining a bit of luxury for the wife. Even if it is just a location where I can go off for a few hours to do my training.


  • You could locate yourself somewhere near the Thames. Plenty of people swim in the Thames, and the Jubilee flood relief river is also popular (I imagine the current is not as strong). Berkshire is quite pretty, so for running and cycling you would be fine. Somewhere like Windsor or Henley should keep your wife happy too. I hope the weather improves for you for Easter.
    An alternative would be somewhere in the Lake District, although I think the chance of any sun would be reduced.
  • leedow19leedow19 Posts: 3
    I am thinking about Jersey in the Channel Islands. Not sure of the potential for training down there though, any ideas? Thinking good for running, can take my own bike, as long as the hotel will accommodate, and plenty of water around there!

    Also found a hotel, in Perth in Scotland, that do road riding and have a local 25m pool, not open water I know but good for training. Weather in Perth could be a bit iffy though.
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