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Gym Based Training

Hi all.

New to the forum so please bear with me.

I am currently serving in Afghanistan and have no access to a pool nor the ability to nip outside for a run or bike. Instead I have access to a spinning bikes, treadmills and weights.

My question is this.

Do any of you have any programs that I could use for the facilities I have?

I could just jump on a bike and go for a spin, likewise I could jump on the treadmill. However I can tend to have a low boredom threshold when using static machines, so would like to pick your collective brains for useful tips/programs/hints.

I am not really a weights type person either, being in my forties now I feel it is a bit late to get ripped. Again though I am open to suggestions.

I can already hear some saying, look online, get a book, or better yet get a subscription! To this I say there are a plethora of sites out there that can help, however I would like to know what has worked for you and how you coped with the boredom. With books I would have to write out the set I would want to do, and the post out here can be a nightmare. If there are any sites that you can recommend then I am happy to go there, print off a set and get a folder going that can then leave here for others to follow.

I intend, on my return in September, to transfer my training to the great outdoors and get some swim time in as well.

I have also set a goal to compete in triathlons next year, although do not rule out a couple of duathlons when it turns dark, cold and miserable.

Awaiting replies and the chance to try out some of your suggestions.




  • JTneroJTnero Posts: 1
    I have similar problems with getting board on static trainers – I think most do.
    Personally I like to break things down into shorter blocks so its never long until the next change to keep my attention

    On the Bike try something like these:

    10min easy spin (sort out your ipod etc whilst doing it to save time)
    Then up the resistance every 60s until you hit the max and then work back down.
    2 min spin then start upping the resistance again.
    10min easy spin to cool down


    10min easy spin
    Then set the trainer to medium resistance and go up a step every 3min after 3 reps drop down 2 steps and repeat. E.g. 5 6 7, 6 8 7, 8 9 10
    10min easy spin

    On the treadmill I do something like this:

    1k warm up
    1k at race pace
    Sprints start at race pace 30s on 30s off up .5kmph each time
    1k at race pace
    Sprints same as above
    1k at race pace
    1k cool down

    Obviously it depends on the distances you’re doing, I’m training for Sprint and Olympic at the moment.

  • JT

    thanks for the reply, it will give something to try.

    Will also be looking at Olympic distance next year.

  • Good plan - I like your style. Boredom is definitely an issue for me too - I like to be outdoors as much as possible. If you are stuck inside, the best tactic I find is to mix up as many different eaxercises as you can. Talk to those around you about what they do. If you have a Smart phone, try the app Workout Trainer for inspiration, or if you have access to a computer, try YouTube - plenty of routines on there.
    Don't forget to pay attention to your abs - a strong core will make you beter all round.
    Some of my favourite exercises for all round body which don't require weights: Plank, Side plank, Tricep dips, V sit ups, Hindu squat (brilliant for legs).
    Here's something I did to make running harder:
    Run a few miles, stop and do 50 Hindu squats, run a few more, stop and do another 50, etc. until you collapse. The squats make you feel like you've run and extra 5 miles. It relieves the boredom a bit too. You should be able to look them up on Youtube.
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