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As a toatal newby to Tri and only having done one samll sprint Tri which had a split between the pool and the cycle stage, I've now got the bug for bigger thing's and thought about buying the Orca S4 full body wet suit whcih has great reviews as a entry level suit (any advice on that welcome); but i'm unsure of what I ware for the immediate transition into cylcling, what is the best undergarment, do I ware another tri suit underneath, bib and brace type? and does this effect the comfort level during the swim and choice of size of my wetsuit.
Also what is the best swim cap as i'm particularly follically chalanged I need to keep my napper warm , looked at the Blue Seventy with the chin strap but some reviews said it may cause breathing problems if overly tight also it was also dark in colour and thought something more high vis would be better for safety, don't mind paying top dollar to keep my head warm.
Any othe kit / safety advice, as i'm about to begin open water swims in cold waters of North East Scotland as part ogf my training schedule would be welcome. Regards Eric


  • Hi Eric, Yes a trisuit is the best things under your wetsuit, although you may want to opt for trishorts only, then put on a cycling top in transition. This does have the added benefit that your top is not completely soaked when getting on the bike, and also means if it is a cold day, you can alter the top you wear - sleeved, long sleeved etc. You trisuit should not effect the size of wetsuit as it is really very thin, and as long as it feels comfortable on, it shouldn't effect comfort either.
    I can't really advise on whether the neoprene swim cap will help or hinder. Perhaps someone else can.
    The best thing to do is experiment during your practice outdoor swims. God luck
  • Thank you for that, I like the idea of being able to choose my top as I hate being cold so will opt for shorts, and will buy both types of hat and try them out, sounds like a plan.
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