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Which helmet up to 200 pounds?

my old helmet (and my bike, but that's a different story) ended his life saving mine recently, and I need new one. I will be able to start cycling again in few weeks, so no rush, but I would like to pick up the best I can get in this price range.

It will be used for commuting, road cycling and triathlons. I've been thinking about one of these:

giro air attack- hield helmet ec049968
giro aeon helmet ec049970
lazer-sport helium flash road helmet ec049820
(script didn't let me post working urls, all of these taken from evans cycles website)

but I'll much appreciate any suggestions.

Safety first, it has to be durable. Why? Check what happened to my old helmet


  • Firsly I'm glad that you survived that impact. I see first hand the terrible injuries and disabilities resulting from non helmet wearing cyclists in accidents. Good call.

    Secondly - have you e mailed the manufacturer of your smashed helmet - they may well offer you a crash replacement at discount or even FOC.they may well use that picture in an ad campaign.

    With regards to a new lid - I'm VERY fussy about this and Kask lids are superb in my opinion.

    I've got two of them and your budget stretches to their top end lid.

    It's frankly incredible - I never thught I'd say that about a helmet but it really is. superb even. And I've tried again few. Incredibly light, fits like a glove, the straps are absolutely comfortable and crashes well - here's a reason why so many teams use them

    I would happily recommend one of these - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/kask-vertigo-road-helmet/

    Good luck
  • I've send message to Rudy Project, perhaps they will be interested in story.

    I know that my budget is little high on this, but I'm not going to save on helmet. I hope that I won't have another crash, but in case it happens, I'm planning to survive that as well.

    Thanks for your tip, will definitely look at that.

  • +1 for the Kask brand. I have a Dieci,middle of the range & as Willie says, light & comfortable.

    Hope the recovery goes well.
  • Thanks guys, just to let you know I've ended up with Kast Vertigo!

    Now I only need a bike and a non-broken hand
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