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Carbon or Alu?

What would you choose, Carbon frame with 105 or Alu with Ultegra Di2?


  • Personally, I would say carbon. The ride is much nicer in general, and the groupset can be changed in the future. However, the ride experience is more about the frame geometry and bike build than the materials used, so the only answer is - road test them both and then decide.
  • I'd go for the carbon, too. There can be a lot of road buzz from an alu frame. Personally, from a training point of view, you can't beat steel, such as 531 or 853 and there are still bike builders using this tubing. Bob Jackson of Leeds, to name but one. The other advantage of steel is that it can be reworked, re-enamelled, etc and is less likely to break in an accident!
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    I agree about the fit, but get the best frame you can and you can upgrade components later. Best doesnt necessarily mean carbon so rather get an alu frame with the stack/reach to match your body rather than a carbon one thats slightly out and makes you fidget for comfort after 20 miles.

    105 is solid and reliable so nothing wrong with that, if you are worried.

    Is it for training or racing or both?

    Steel is around to stay isnt it?

    Robert Penn's book: Its All About the Bike = good read! Book price: £5, associated component upgrades: ongoing saga.
  • Scorch21Scorch21 Posts: 20
    Thanks guys for all the advice, now the decision is Orbea s105, Felt AR5 or Kuota Kharma Evo. Love the design of the Orbea so edging towards that, problem is the other two have internal cabling while the Orb hasn't. Don't think it will matter as cant afford the Di2 anyway.
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