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Calf Strain Need help

Has anyone got any advice to enable me to recover from a calf strain/pull

First happened in February playing badminton in the off season and my calf went when stretching for a shot and it actually felt like I had been shot in the calf The pain was unbelievable and couldn’t walk on it and even had problems driving home.

Rested it for a few weeks went skiing and was ok! Now whenever I run it will be ok for a few weeks and as I try and up the intensity especially on hill work or if I miss foot it just seems to go again feels like something pop’s in my calf and I can’t run at all and end up limping home

It is putting me out of action for a few weeks at a time and looks more than likely I will have to pull out of Liverpool in 8 weeks if I don’t get it sorted still swimming but not getting out on the bike much and running seems to be a none starter.



  • It sounds like you have residual tissue damage from your initial pulled muscle. Most people don't like the answer as it costs money, but it works - Find the name of a good physio and pay for a consultation and however many sessions it takes. If you don't get this sorted out it will go on, possibly for years. Think about the long term - if you get it sorted now, you stand a chance of getting a few late season triathlons in, and a good season next year.
    A good physio will probably do a combination of IR, deep tissue massage, and some home exercises.

    The other thing to say is this - stop playing badminton. I suspect you won't like this, but it's a stop/start sport and, like squash and football, these sports are notoriously bad for injuries. I gave up squash and I really miss it, but that allows me to have a whole year round of running, swimming, cycling and tri events.
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    Recurring Soleous or Gastrok pain is a real bummer. It can often ruin what started out to be a real feel good run.
    Deffo get it checked out. It is unlikely to be a tear or severe pull as it recovered fairly quickly. A good physio or Osteopath should be able to help you out in understanding what has gone on.
    What is common with both is that they will give you a routine that you MUST do to sort this out, their treatment alone will not cure it.
    Some things to try on a regular (daily) basis.
    Calf strengthening (with no pain)
    Short calf stretches (no pain).
    Trigger point - tennis ball on a board, leg (calf) on tennis ball, find where it hurts and rest on that (sore point) when it eases find another one and so on.
    Massage - get the wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend if you have one to massage your calf, particularly around the trigger point (the painful bit).
    Hot (not too hot) packs - rest your calf on a hot pack, I always do this after a run.
    Cold packs - as above. Always use a damp towel between a cold pack and your skin.
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    What is the result ?
    What have you done ?
    Better ?
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