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Junior/childs wetsuit

Some advice please. My 11 year old daughter is doing her first tri in Sept. Although she does quite a lot of each discipline, this will be her first lake swim. I don't want to sound tight but didn't really want to spend £100 + for a wetsuit that I know won't fit her next season, and can't seem to find any second hand. Do you think for the sake of a 200m swim she will be ok in just a normal wetsuit? Thanks in advance. David.


  • Not as good, but what about a surf wetsuit. Very cheap to buy. You could spend £100 & it may be warm enough for a wetsuit ban anyway!! Look on ebay for bargains. My 12yr old daughter wears an Orca Equip ladies size small. She had it last year too. Possible to buy one that will last a couple of years.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Sorry but you do sound tight !

    Cough up and make it easier for her.


    If you can't find any second hand then that's means you shouldn't have any problems selling it when she outgrows it
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