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Heart rate??

I've been training for a while and have completed a couple of sprint distance events in around 1hr 20 mins, but have just started taking things a bit more seriously in order to do some Olympic distance events. I have just got a heart monitor and have started using this as per all the advice in relation to the respective zones etc...but when it comes to running, to keep my heart rate down I am virtually walking. Anything other than a very slow jog has it reaching for the sky and approaching my maximum (I'm 37 with a measured max of 186).
Does this sound normal for a newbie and just mean I've been training at too high intensity and need to leave the ego at home and basically begin building a base properly (as I suspect is the case!).
Next event is a while away so am in no rush and any advice very welcome.


  • Hi.

    I am very similar. I am 33 and on the bike I can sit just below my lactate threshold for ages (176 bpm). Running wise, I max out at 190bpm when sprinting. 140bpm for me is an incredibly slow jog, the sort of jog I could do whilst holding a conversation with someone.

    At the moment 140bpm gives me a 5k time of 26 mins or so. Running at around 180bpm (the max I can sustain for 5k) gives me 20 mins. Hope that helps to show you some normal differences (well at least for me).
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