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Tips for triathlon beginners?

Hi all.

Has anyone got any tips on the best way to start "triathlon training"?

I've had it in my head now for a while that I eventually want to enter one (Using next summertime as my time frame).

I love cycling, enjoy running somewhat, but have yet to get back into swimming.. trying to get in a "better shape" before scaring the public with my bare chest lol.

Any tips from beginners or seasoned triathletes would be highly appreciated. I've also subscribed to the 220triathlon magazine, so that should help more when it arrives

Thanks for your time folks


  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Be prepared to spend much much more than you a) expected b) planned too c) actually have

    This is not a cheap sport
  • Join a local tri club to learn all the tips.
    Always replicate in training what you plan to do on the day of the tri - down to the minutest detail.
    Concentrate more of your effort on your weakest discipline, so for you 40% or maybe even 50% training on your swimming.
    Practice bricks a lot. This will really help you on race day.
    Enjoy it.
  • MacaroneMacarone Posts: 58
    If you're already running and cycling then you're already 2/3's there. Just get yourself down the pool, better still, seek out some lessons or join a masters club as of the three, swimming is by far the most technical. Once you are comfortable with your swimming, I'd recommend trying some open water swimming in a relaxed environment, i.e. not in a race. After that, for the first year at least, just train for each discipline separately and if possible have a few dry runs for T1 and T2 (i.e. when you go open water swimming, try to remove your wetsuit as quickly as you can). It's really not that tough to do one, especially the sprint distance, it's doing them fast that makes them a challenge. So for the moment, I would just get yourself fit, and give them a go, enjoy the experience and then you're naturally start training differently once you know what you need to work on. Don't forget a bit of core work as well. Be warned though, as well as being an expensive sport (for the kit and also entry fees), it will rob you of all your spare time. It's great fun though and very addictive.
  • Focus on building up your body with training rather than buying all the flash gear. To start off, get a basic road bike (if you don't already have one) and a set of clip-on tri-bars. Get the bike professionally fitted and off you go.

    Just practise swimming yourself to start, I would say when your times start to plateau then look at getting a coach.

    Running is just running really, no need for any fancy kit for that!

    I try to do 10 sessions a week for my sprint triathlon training, 3 swims, 3 runs and 4 cycles.

    Finally, make sure you enjoy it! It's meant to be fun!
  • The swim is the most daunting part when starting on the triathlon journey but very do-able. Have a look at doing group swimming lessons to keep costs down, and in particular, group lessons for learning the total immersion technique. You'll find after 8 sessions your technique will be vastly improved.

    Good luck with it, but be warned, triathlons are very addictive!
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