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First tri bike

Hi all, I'm hoping for advice and experience on buying my first all out triathlon bike. I have been doing tri's for 2 years now and have been coping with my old alloy road bike with a pair of clip on tri bars. I now think the time has come to go for a carbon fibre tri specific bike, for around £1.5k. I've been looking at the jamis xenith t and t1 (although cant find the t1 in my size), the ribble ultra carbon, the Quintana Roo kilo and the felt b16.

I'm more interested in getting a great frame that I can upgrade over time. I've read reviews on all the above and still can't make my mind up! I'd love some advice and guidance from you guys and gals....


  • Dan684Dan684 Posts: 28
    Couldn't recommend any of the bikes above being relatively new to the sport and having not tried them but I bought a Planet X Pro Stealth Carbon (SRAM Rival not Force) a few months back and I honestly can say its the best Triatjlon related purchase I've ever bought.

    Really light, good gear changes and looks smooth as f*ck too ha. Could probably do with upgrading the wheels but I'm ok with the ones fitted. I think Planet X are selling it for 999 at the moment.

    Good luck with whichever you choose
  • walkupitwalkupit Posts: 9
    I'd start with a proper bike fit if you haven't already?

    The geometry of a tri bike is different to that of a road bike and as a result sizing can be different. Some people find a tri bike could be a size smaller to that of a road bike but other factors such as your flexibility can also be a factor. A £160 ish bike fit could well be worth the time and money in the long run.

    The fitter should then be able to suggest brands which match your build and riding style.

    I know from my session that american brand bikes would be a better fit for me due to my longer legs.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for info so far, I've looked into bike fitting but was going to do that after purchase to fit me into it. I didn't realise that should be done before! I hadn't looked at the planet x's, so will have a go on the bike builder tonight. Has anyone any other bike suggestions that I should be considering?? I'm 6'3 so I don't think ill need anything short of an XL.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    I think you need to sit down and do some research on TT bikes.

    I'd be very surprised if you'd need an XL frame !!

    I'm 6ft 3 and ride a medium 56cm TT bike. I have a short torso but lanky legs so if the top tube is too big I over reach

    So I simply have a medium frame with a lot if seat post showing - bike fits don't lie.

    Also different frames size up differently so be aware a Trek frame might be different than a Orbea frame for example.

    IMHO it's utterly pointless buying a bike the getting a fit - what if its geometry is wrong.

    Work out what cash you have, find some more, then get a fit and they will advise you what frame to get - you may well be suited to multiple frames but at different sizes

    Happy shopping
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