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I'm looking to buy a new bike and the local shop (Primera) has advised me to buy a SPECIALIZED Allez Triple @ £529.99

As a newbie I could really use some advice. I am a female, quite light and about 5.4 I am (hoping!) to do the Half Ironman in June.

Is this a good bike for the money?

Could I buy a cheaper one?

Is there anything thing I need to know before handing over my cash?




  • SetantaSetanta Posts: 42
    Specialized are a good brand of bike and Pimera are also very reputable but the main thing for you to be concerned about is if you are comfortable riding it. You should never buy a bike without first taking it for a spin. I can't speak for everyone but I don't like the gear ratio of a triple, I prefer to stick to a double.........thats only me though. Can you tell us the spec of the bike?

    Good luck,

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi Clairelou,

    If your local bike shop is Primera you must be from Poole/Bournemouth? I bought a Specialized Allez just before Xmas & I'm very pleased with it. Mine has the double chainring though. It was budget race bike of the year in Cycling Plus magazine I think. I'm very pleased with it. I got clipless pedals/shoes & tribars on it as well. As setanta says, try it for size. Trek 1000 is around the same price & spec. Might be worth having a look at that too.
  • Hi Rob

    I was going to email you as I noticed yesterday that you were doing the Half Ironman as well (I read your scary bike route report before I went to bed, BIG mistake!!)

    As I am a novice I have quite a few questions, I could use a Ironman buddy to chat to... do you mind?


    PS. Thanks so much for your bike advice, it has made me happier about buying it.
  • hi Clairlou

    Do they do a ladies version of that Specialized bike? I would recommend you do down that road as men and women have quite different proportions. I know Specialzed do them, just not sure about that model.

    Also, buy from a shop where you feel you can trust the person selling you the bike. They should make everything clear and simple and ask whatever questions you want. If they don't, I would go elsewhere.

    Oh and make sure you take the bike for a short spin before you buy!
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