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Running Descent


I always seem to get shin splints when descending. Never find ascending much of a problem. Tried changing my style, new trainers, and different methods of fuelling up, still can't seem to shake it. The problem always quietens down when I'm back on the level. Any ideas greatly appreciated.


  • Dear Josh

    I have suffered from shin splints for 13 years now and even had a year when it progressed to compartment syndrome which was fun.The sheath around your muscle which runs down the front of your shin is basically fully stretched when you are going down hill. It is also intimately related to the top of your foot.

    I have found 2 things of great benefit.

    1. lots of stretching not just before I run but all the time. Place the leg to be stretched, forward and bend the other leg as if you were stretching your hamstrings but concentrate more on the lower leg instead.

    2. Do your laces up really loose.

    Hope this helps

    Yours aye

  • Thanks HD.

    Have always stretched and not found it to be much relief. The advice on the laces thing was good though, unfortunately, due to other bio mech issues I can only do this with my left foot so I'm half better. Maybe if I hop I'll be OK, if a little slow. Think I might try rolling down hill, it'd be novel.

    How are your shin splints at the mo? does it effect your racing much or is it more while training you get them?
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