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First timer

[:D] As I said in my first post, I am new to this. Looking for advice. Do I need to join a Tri club to be able to compete? I was going to make the London tri my first event, but after reading about the sport and the people in it, I feel this urge to compete earlier and hopefully bite the bug. Any advice for a new starter will be appreciated.


  • you don't have to join a tri club to compete , but if you have one close to you it could be good to join as they can help you train . Good luck
  • Cheers for info. Now next Q? How do I go about getting in a comp. i.e. registering, finding an ideal one etc. I am reading Eric Harr's book, TRIATHLON TRIANING IN FOUR HOURS A WEEK, for advice on all aspects.[&:]
  • check in 220 events then ring or check on the net for info on the race you want
  • FleaFlea Posts: 2
    Hi you could also look at www.fun2tri.co.uk/ aimed at the experienced and first timers. I've signed up for Stratford, it'll be my first.......Also signed up for London too!!!!
  • I did my first Tri last year, and had a fantastic time. So good luck to you, hope you get the bug.

    I was really concerned about how it all worked and asked lots of people lots of questions. Fortunately every body was really helpful.

    I also purchased the following book.

    "Triathlete" Complete Triathlon Book

    By Matt Fitzgerald

    It doesn't go into registration and entries, but does go into preparation and planning as well as tried and tested training techniques. Found it really useful and not bad at only about 10 pounds (probably one of my cheaper purchases).

    Hope this helps.
  • [:D]Can I just thank all that have replied on the forum to my posts, and wish everyone reading a very merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year. See you out there!!!
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