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new beginnings


i am an ex fitness addict, who is reaching an important age milestone this year and want to achieve something. After enjoying running swimming and cycling to work I thought why not combine the lot!!!! if the old bones will let me.

So question 1 - What distance would you recommend for a first time.

Question 2 - what Bike (limited budget) whould be a good buy. Bearing in mind if my body collapses I could still use it for leisure cycling

Question 3 - What about a training programme, where would I find one to at least get me started.

Keep smiling

Old git new beginnings


  • Hey there!

    That age milestone makes us do stupid things, doesn't it? Sprint is a good one to start with. If you are a complete couch potato, getting round a course will be an achievement, but if you were a fitness addict, maybe you can challenge yourself to do it within a certain time (but be realistic!).

    As for point two: don't get frightened off by people and their super-duper bikes and all the latest gizmo's. When I did the London Triathlon a few years back, there was an old guy (and I mean pensionable age plus some here) on a fold up bike doing his stint. If you'd given him a string of garlic and flung it around his neck, you might have thought he'd taken a wrong turn on a Sunday afternoon Gallic bike ride. There were plenty of people on mountain bikes too (most of them cruising right by me and off into the distance!!) so if you decide it's not for you, you can still take a mountain bike out and have fun in the fields and forests.

    For training programmes, check out some of the articles in 220, contact a local tri-club, or ask people at your local gym - you might be surprised how many other tri-bods are out there! There used to be a training guide for the London Triathlon on their website, but I see this is under (re)construction at the moment, so check that out soon. Maybe some other forum-ite will have more info though.

    Other than that, really hope you enjoy it!

  • Runnerbean, you are a star!!!! Thanks for the advice, you have given me faith in this forum, was getting depressed with the hits and no replies, beginning to believe I was not worthy, but as in life there is always someone who is willing.

    Once again many thanks. Its off to the shops I go. Bring on the sprint.
  • In the immortal words of George Michael 'You gotta have faith'. Otherwise you'd never believe you could get to the end of the race...

    (And hey, the forum is up and running again! Hurrah!)

  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    savechip8, you are both starts mate! you and the old runnerbean, i'd agree with all the good advice, i started out on a mountain bike and just stuck a set of slick tyres on it, then in the winter i went and had some fun in the woods!!. though now i have bought a road bike my times have really come down, but you can decide that if you get hooked. have a visit to a local shop to look at what the bikes are on offer, depends where you are really, maybe evans cycles, in an around london.

    a sprint distance seems a good idea for a start but depending on your fitness level a good goal to aim for a challenge maybe later in the year would definitely be an olympic distance, though then you've got the added challenge of open water swimming, do a few short ones and you'll get an idea.

    training, i don't have a programme, i'm not too competitive though, but i just get up in the morning and see what i fancy doing that day, although i do make myself do all 3 disciplines in a week, again it depends what works for you.

    good luck
  • Runnerbean..Nice one I was worried about the bike the thing...bring on the garlic

    Savechip8 - my first will be a sprint in build up for an Olympic distance at London...

    As for training my wife bought me the "triathletes training bible" - Joe Friel for Christmas which has 300+ really good pages that I went through and made a plan...at the back there is 4 paragraphs about novice training - which basically says ignore most of the book, start slow and steady and build up from there.

    To back up fatmatt the other advice it gave was to do all three disciplines each week.

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