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MP3 players suitable for swimming

I'm contemplating many hours - well, enough - to come, swimming up and down my local pool and have come across a few MP3 players for sale on the internet which claim to be suitable for swimming. There's the Oregan Scientific, the SwiMP3 and the Freestyle Audio MP3 player which all say you can swim with them, while the Apple Ipod has waterproof cases although the comments on its own website say it is useless for swimming! Does anyone had any experience with these and could recommend any? I'm completely new to MP3s - I prefer appreciating my surroundings while running and cycling - but find swimming lengths incredibly tedious and could do with a bit of a lift!


  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi sarahb

    Never thought about using MP3 players whilst swimming. I cant offer any advice about what to buy as I am also new to the whole concept. However, I wear ordinary ear plugs for pool sessions to prevent "squelchy" ears for hours on end after training. Does the use of an MP3 player mean that I could have the benefit of ear protection as well as musical distraction from the pain of training??

    Nice thought if it works.

  • Not sure if it was the same model but the Gadget Show (I'm a geek I know) review the Oregan Scientific and gave it a thumbs up.. they tested beyond the recommended depths etc and it still worked just fine...

    Not sure about how the whole headfone thing will work though

  • Sarah

    there is an MP3 player made specificaly for swimming. It is called SwimP3. It uses bone conductivity. The sound travels thru your jaw and into your inner ear. There is no distortion of sound. I have one, and it is great. Not sure if they are available in UK. I live in USA
  • jeanmongjeanmong Posts: 23

    I have been using h2oaudio cases with nano for a year. it works wonder.. www.h2oaudio.com

    Very Good quality of sound, highly recommended...

    Happy laps!

  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    SwiMP3 players are available in the UK. I have one and it works very well.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    I use an mp3 for running and tend to find I need tunes on it that play at about 80 or 90bpm as I end up running to the beat. I just wondered if it would have a similar effect in the pool ie..like a tempo trainer. Id be keen to buy an mp3 to swim with if I ever get my technique sorted as I feel swimming takes a bit more concentration unless you are in to just get some distance.

    On another note Just watched Vikki Pendleton take the world champ track cycling, well done that girl.
  • doobydooby Posts: 1
    Also checkout a site www.i-nique.com

    they have a range of sports armband for most mp3 players, ipod, zen , iriver, samsung, sandisk

  • ironmanironman Posts: 7
    Try www.mp3additions.co.uk they do the H2O cases at less than RRP
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