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Post-race vision problems

sorry pat not my field .. you need David for this (DoTriHArder) aka the optician who wrote the article in 220 on otpical stuff (PLUG PLUG PLUG)



  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Did you have any sun cream on or anything? I get that when suncream runs in my eyes. Doesn't sting just makes cloudy vision.
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    After Ironman 70.3 on Sun I had problems with my sight for 5-6 hours afterwards. No pain, just cloudy vision - like being in a steamy room. Blamed my contact lenses until I took them out and discovered the problem was still there. Eventually all just returned to normal. Don't know if I had the problem on the run - in too much pain to notice anything as minor as cloudy vision!!

    Anyone else had this, or have any idea what might have caused it?


  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    I'd put banana boat childrens total sunblock on before the swim, but then forgot to top up in T1 and T2. Maybe it was that? Like that suggestion!!
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    WEll done Pat, now you know that training was worth it.

    Have you ever fallen asleep in your lenses? If you have you will remember how cloudy your vision was when you woke up. Oedema (waterlogging) of the cornea is caused by lack of oxygen and is common in people who fall asleep in their lenses due to the reduction in oxygen flow caused by the closed lids. Open your eyes remove the lenses (not always comfortable to do) and wait, the cloudyness will clear.

    I think that this was the problem that you experienced at 70.3 due to the level of exertion and the duration coupled wth perhaps the contact lens material.

    Talk to your contact lens practitioner about a contact lens material which has a higher oxygen transmissibility......or stick to Olys and sprints!!

  • derrickkderrickk Posts: 4
    70:3 - Eyesight nightmare!

    I had exactly the same problem. I completed the bike ride, got off and removed my sunglasses going into the transition tent as I couldn't see much. To my surprise everything was blured in my left eye and misty (like fog) to the point of not being able to see in my right eye (I beleive similar to how I've heard snow blindness described)

    I thought it must have been sun cream, sweat, or dryness from the cycling so put some saline eye drops in but it did not clear it. I also noticed that my right eye had become very sensitive to the light.

    Completed the run, and went straight to the first aid tent where they called the doctor. He looked at it with his optical device and said that the lens was cloudy but did not have a clue why. So they wrote me a note and told me to go an A & E eye hospital as soon as I got back to London or if it got worse on the way back, just call an ambulance. Anyway, on the way home it started to clear up and later was fine, so didn't bother with the hospital.

    [color=#000000]I[/color] don't wear contact lenses but had laser surgery with no complications about a year and a half ago. I'm wondering whether there was something in the lake water that caused this. For some reason my goggles had lost all suction at the swim (they were fine for the last year!). Don't know if someone went round sabotaging peoples goggles with oil or something? Anyway as a result, my swim was a nightmare taking me 1:04 with the goggles constantly full of murky water on the right side (I breathe to the left)
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    David - thanks for that - it makes sense. My lenses are trifocal and I'm not supposed to wear them for more than 10-12 hours a day (which I don't), but I do remember being told this was because they are not very permeable (is that the right word?).

    Will ring Specsavers tomorrow morning, but I don't know what to do if there are no alternatives. I can't cope with glasses on the bike because of looking over the top of them, and if I don't wear lenses to swim I can't see the person next to me, let alone the buoy!!

    Don't want to just do sprints/olys - it takes me so long to get going a sprint is over before my body has realised it has to do something ....

    Many thanks
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    derrickk - sounds awful. Did you notice it on the bike, or just in T2? I don't remember being aware of any problems on the bike or run (walk in my case!), just afterwards. I do find after any long ride I can't refocus to read anything for a while, but I had just assumed it was taking my eyes some time to adjust from looking at about the same distance ahead for 3 hours or so. But on Sunday it was just like fog - not patchy tho, just the same cloudiness everywhere.
  • derrickkderrickk Posts: 4
    Sorry, just sent an email instead of a post -

    Was fine getting out of the water. Vision was cloudly on bike but I had assumed that the right lens was steamed-up or dirty so didn't pay much attention (it seemed the least of my problems at the time).

    I only confirmed it at T2 when the glasses came off. I did not rub my eyes, just tried very hard to rinse them first with eye drops then with cups of water on the run course but it made no difference to the dense fog. I will probably follow-up with a call to an eye specialist but am now wondering whether anyone else got this condition as a result of this particular race. Has anyone had this in any other races??
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    Sunday was my first middle distance so I've no previous experience of this length of race. Olys and half-marathons have been no problem. I have had a contact lens washed out of position thro leaky goggles during a pool-based race, but that just caused slightly blurred and lop-sided vision, not fog.
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    am thinking it will be prudent for me to get a check up for mine befoe i do helvellyn then

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