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First Ironman doubts and fears

For the most part, training for your first Ironman is done and you're in the taper mode.

Your attempt at Ironman immortality is possibly just a week or two away. All the demons are beginning to surface and self-doubt is leading the way. Followed closely by that inevitable question........"What on earth have I gotten myself into?"

Fear not. Its quite possible that pretty well every ironman hopeful has had exactly those same feelings as the big day grows ever closer.

There seems to be a couple of reasons why almost everyone deals with this same issue. For one thing, you've put an immense amount of time and effort into your preparation. You've given up a lot and most likely family and social life have been put on hold.

The thought of failing and letting down everyone who has supported your preparation can become overwhelming if you dwell on it. Of course, the ultimate goal is to reach the elusive ironman finish line, but keep in mind the long list of accomplishments you have achieved by reaching the start line.

Maybe you had to learn how to swim, or had never been anywhere near a triathlon bike. Possibly you were a bit out of shape and not particularly pleased with what you saw when you looked in the mirror. Maybe your self-confidence was at a pretty low ebb. Let's face it, sometimes life can get a little stagnant and repetetive and it seems nothing will ever change it.

Then one day, something pretty amazing happened. You were "Ironstruck." Something moved you about this event and a spark was ignited that brought about a stunning metamorphosis.


You are most likely in the best shape of your life. You have a better understanding of diet and nutrition--of training and resting--of sacrifice and accomplishment.

You are already a new, improved version of yourself and as result have done something very special for those who care about you. All this, and you have yet to start the race. You simply cannot fail, because of what you have already accomplished, you have won.

So.......don't fear the Ironman. Embrace it. Go to the start area early on race morning. Feel the remarkable power, spirit and exhilaration that builds as the starting gun nears. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and at that moment in time you are an integral part of the fittest single group of people in the world.

Have confidence in your preparation. You have earned the right to participate. That spark that was ignited months ago has led you down this path.

Welcome the challenge and soon you will come to know what you are truly capable of. You will leave your comfort zone and surpass physical, mental and emotional limits that you never thought you were capable of and that tiny spark will become a glow that will stay with you forever.

My name is Ray and I have created a site designed to help the beginner triathlete/novice ironman realize their triathlon goals.

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