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  • I have a Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor, which is definately the most useful training assitance I've had! You can get Cycling, running or general fitness models which have different functions. I got mine from www.improveyourbody.co.uk and was really pleased with the service.

    It doesn't matter what level your training is at a Heart Rate Monitor can really help anyone to understand how they should be exercising.

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    If the content of ytriguy's website is as wrong as the advice on heart rates & aerobic thresholds then I would avoid like the plague. What utter nonsense!

    Training at different intensities (measured by a heart rate monitor) & knowledge of lactate threshold and how to train round it is the way to sporting success. What has been written is so full of errors it should be ignored as advice.

  • i thought it was 220 minus your age , and 80 percent of that is your max fat burning zone?

    which is it?
  • scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    no that 220 minus your age thing is a really inaccurate way of doing it, because im 20 and max HR is 190!
  • I have been trying to get this sorted for ages as I am in my 40's but apparently fit for my age!! and have always been active in one sport or another - lately Tri. If I use the 220 thing I get a really low max HR! I've been told that the only definate way to get your Max HR measured is to do a supervised test where you push yourself to your maximum limit - the point where you just can't go any more - and then take your heart rate - that's your max! I think I'm heading down this route to get mine sorted as I really want to get an accurate figure to start with.

    If you belong to or have access to a club - have a word with the coach - they are usually pretty helpful about this sort of thing.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    We test max heart rate at our club twice a year. We do it like this: after a good warmup with some sprints at the end, we do a 5 minute all out effort on the track.Last half minute is killing you(it really helps to be with other club members and a yelling coach to push you). Max heart rate is found this way.

    You should only do this test when you're really up to it, cause it's quite heavy.

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Oh and by the way; that 220 minus age can go really way off your real max rate. So following that, you could really be training in the wrong zones(if you train by HR).
  • My training system, records everything to be assessed on the PC! But my transmitter belt has given up at 16 months old. A workout just isn't the same without it! £30 for a new one unfortunately.


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    prof... bleast like hell at Timex/suunto/polar etc. get 'em to send you a replaceemnt.

    In this vein, I have to big Suunto up... they have been brilliant. T3C wouldn;t pair properly with a bike pod I subsequently got so asked suunto... they replaced the entire T3C + HR belt FOC including courier back to Finland.

    last week one of the heart rate belt lugs snapped off - I asked... they are sending a complete replacement (I think they are sending the transmitter as well!)

    Top company, well impressed with their customer service.

    No connection with them other than a happy customer.


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