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Aquathlon ... info needed!

My wife and I have been competing in Triathlons (sprint distance) for several years but neither of us has competed in an Aquathlon. However one is being run locally (Cheddar Aquathlon - next month) so it seemed a good idea to enter for a bit of pre-season training!

I can’t find any info, online, on aquathlons and I don’t know anyone who’s ever taken part in one. This leaves us wondering about the issues of doing an event on what could be a cold day!

# Firstly – what to wear? I’m guessing that most people would still get out of the pool and run in wet shorts/trisuit – no socks – but presumably a top of some kind if it’s cold.

# What about transition? With a pool based event is it usually inside or outside?

# Anyone had pervious experience of the specific event (Cheddar Aquathlon)?

Any answers, tips and or advice would be appreciated, please (both from a male and female perspective!).


  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    mike, i've only done one aquathlon and it wasn't cheddar, it was a pool swim and exit straight outside where kit was laid out, luckily it stayed dry. all i did was wear tri shorts and pulled a t shirt on and trainers, that seemed to be what most people did. as for the female perspective, it was outside the pool and just next to the footpath in the park so just i'd suggest just the swimsuit with tri shorts and then put a t on. sorry if it's not too helpful but i only did the one. good luck
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