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Training questions

New to Triathlon (not entered one yet) looking at the training that you guys/gals do is immence [:@] - is that what i should be aiming at?

Would like to enter 1st Triathlon next year and have the following equipment at home for training - Gym, bike, trainers and treadmill - do you stick to main areas (running, bike,swim) or mix it up with weights?

Is it beneficial to use the treadmill or hit the mean streets as i find the treadmill helps keep my pace constant (nowhere near what you guys do)

or should i be running "of road"

Would it be better to join my local club - even at my level. To work myself into shape and loose that extra timber that i carry ready for next year.




  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    If you have a good club near by then join it straight off. There are people who can give you direct advice and correct any bad habits ou have before they get to set. Plus its great to have folk to train with. Beware of people pushing you harder than you want to go (not necessarily a bad thing, but if you get involved in events before your ready then you could be turned off the sport)

    I like to mix my training up a bit just to keep my body on its toes, it prevents it from getting to used to the same routine all the time, which can be detrimental.

    If your using the tread mill the whole time remember to add a slight incline into it, as this more accurately relates to the push off motion you have to make when you run for real. But mills are good for reducing the stress on your joints. Off road running is great for varying stress on different parts of the body otherwise left untouched by mill and road plus it offers a nice varience.

    When you start its best to listen to your body, see what its telling you and how you feel. Ultimately you can read all the advice you want, but you have to make the decision based on whats right for you and will let you get the greatest benefit/enjoyment out of what you do.
  • CenzoCenzo Posts: 91

    bous has nailed the best advice, join a local club. Most Tri-clubs will have running / traning going on throughout the winter too, ideal way to build your base fitness.

    There's also a host of book out there (and forums) to offer good advice, personally I'd suggest a race on reccomendation from somebody you get to train with & use that as your goal. Once you know what you're aiming for then you'll know how much to train.

    One other thing, be prepared. Other than certain Columbian produce Tri is about the most addictive thing out there!
  • MattdgMattdg Posts: 5
    Thanks for the advice - will contact local club - and look at entering first Tri.
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