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Fantastic Pearson For Sale

[color=blue]AT £700 (ONO), THIS IS A SALE THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON! [&:][/color]


[color=blue]Reluctantly I must sell my bike due to a reocurring injury. [/color]


[color=blue][:(] Details of the bike are as follows:[/color]

[ol][*][color=#0000ff]Frame: [/color][color=#0000ff]Pearson AN6 Ultralite Alu with carbon rear stay.[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Size: 57cm.[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Fork: Reynolds Ouza Full Carbon.[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Groupset: Dura Ace 9 Speed with 54 Chainring.[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Handle Bars: USE Atom Carbon[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Stem: Ambrosio[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Pedals:[/color][color=#0000ff] Time.[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Wheels: Ambrosio Excellance[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Tyres: Conti Ultra Gator skins (with 600km worth of usage on them)[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Saddle: Sella Italia Flite Gel Flow[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Seatpost: USE Titanium.[/color]

[*][color=#0000ff]Bottle Cages: Ciussi Elite Gel x 2[/color][/ol]


[color=#0000ff]The bike was bought in July 2004 but has not been ridden since 31st July last year due to the injury. It has not been in a crach or fall of any sort. Not sure of the weight but Frame is only 1.2KG[/color]

[color=#0000ff]Included in the sale are the following:[/color]

[ol][color=#0000ff]New set of Cleats for the Pedals.[/color]

[color=#0000ff]Profile Aerolite Tribars[/color]

[color=#0000ff]Pearson Bike bag (modified with a wooden platform and wheels for extra protection and easier to move at airports and the likes.[/color][/ol]

[color=#0000ff]PHOTO'S ON REQUEST.[8D][/color]


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