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To all you triathletes out there, can any one tell me what a triathlete trains(clothing) in when not competing in the sport and where they would train?


  • SetantaSetanta Posts: 42
    Personally I would say that the important thing is where we train rather than what we wear.

    I would do 3 sessions per week in the pool and this time of year would be thinking of open water once per week. First race in 3 weeks so need to acclimatise to it.

    Biking would be also 3 per week with emphasis on power work now as the winter was used for the spinning in low gears.

    As for the running it would be steady runs at about 10k pace with some fartlek intergrated within and if I still have a window in my week then maybe a brick session, I would be starting them within the next 10 days anyway. (A brick session is a training session which intergrates a swim to bike, a bike to run, etc at race pace)

    Train in what you feel comfortable in but make it practical.
  • ironroseironrose Posts: 5
    This time of year I would wear what makes you feel comfortable and keeps you warm, anything goes, the more money you have the lighter the gear gets but I layer up on the bike and run at the moment, long sleeve base, short sleeve wicking top and waterproof breathable jacket. If its that cold, gloves and hat.

    Swimming, just shorts and googles [:)]
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