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shinsplints ???

[image]http://www.geocities.com/tirbd/things03.jpg[/image] diy shin splint surgery !!!!!!!!!


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI on a slight more serious note I thought I would stick this on to help point people who have picked up a few injuries along the way. Shin splints being a recent occurance for a few of us (eh Jojo).

    Always listen to your body it knows what its talking about. Pain especially is its way of communicating to you things are going wrong. The more you train & compete you will learn to understand your body and how you should & shouldnt test it with physical activity.

    Triathlon is a taxing sport - you go out and increasingly test your ability to complete at least three activities (possibly more) - you need to allow for adequate recovery between training & to monitor your progress against signs of over training.

    Should you be unfortunate to have an minor accident / injury, such a a sprain brusing joint pain etc i.e.that doesn't warrant a trip to A&E then as soon as possible apply the following 4 principles

    Rest - stop the activity & allow time for healing to occur. This may take from minutes to days possibly weeks (or longer). to continue to train through pain has to counterproductive

    Ice - apply ice or a cold pack to the injury site (use a towel or similar to wrap ice first) maintaining light pressure with ice pack for 10-20 minutes remove for 10 & reapply. This may need to be repeated for several days in an atttempt to manage swelling & pain. DO NOT use any heat treatment within 24 hours nor whislt swelling is apparent.

    Compression - light compression can help to support the affected area taking some loading away.

    Elevation - by raising the injured area as often as possible such as the leg above hip height whislt lay down, wil aid with fluid drainage & circulation.

    most soft tissue injuries can be sorted quite easily by followiing the above - should however things not improve within a reasonable period usually 3 - 5 days then you might need to think of seeking medical support from your GP. Also should the condition worsen then go agaiin to GP that day if possible.

    once things appear healed then and only should you consider recommencing that activity. Try also to think about the activity and how the injury ocurred so as to avoid repeating the whole thing. IN most cases you may find you can continue with the other two events whislt resting from the 3rd. Give thought to how you train & with how mich frequency. keeping a diary will give indication of not only progress but also of possible over training or inadeqate recovery periods.

    above all else enjoy your triathlon, train to suceed not to rehabilitate in physio

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    That has got to be the most basic lesson there is on injury prevention/recovery why is it that we all seem to ignore this good advice when we get a niggle. Thanks madone for he reminder and perhaps someone else can tell me why I ignore this advice constantly ?
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