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London Triathlon - 6th Aug

jojojojo Posts: 76
Hi guys - In a moment of madness Ive just registered for the London Triathlon. Am in pretty good shape - I run 10k about 3 times a week already (about 49 mis) - don't do any cycling and minimal swimming (yes that is what I'm dreading)

Does anyone have any advice ie good training programmes and times I should be aiming for.

This is my first triathlon




  • scorpionscorpion Posts: 11
    Hi Jojo, what distance have you entered for london.

    This is also my rookie year and to get going I just bought some good books. Of all the ones I bought, triathlon 101 I felt was the best. As far as swimming is concerned, good lessons are the best way to go. For my first year I am just going to enjoy the ride and look forward to being more competetive next year when I will be more experienced. By the way, yes I am doing London Tri, 35-39 olympic. I will be one of the big green TEAM HERBALIFE dudes, so see you there (only 10,000 competitors to choose from).

    Anyway, just have fun.

    Good luck!

  • jojojojo Posts: 76
    hi Scorpion

    Thanks for your response. I think you're right - maybe just being able to finish it will be an achievement in itself without being too competitive - just don't want the family there when it starts getting dark! I may get that Triathlon 101 - I've already got the Mike Finch book - the complete triathlon or something - which is good but hasn't really taught me anything new - but I am qualified personal trainer so I guess I should know all the basics - but I'm just not a competitive athlete and have mainly trained for myself. Still haven't started on swimming yet - but did a bike session yesterday and then straight on the treadmill for a short run and it felt ok - but still got a long way to go!

    Anyway good luck with the training and let me know how you're getting on.

    I'm in the 30-34 olympic distance group.

    Jo Jo
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Hey Jojo,

    I did the London event last year in the 30 - 34 grouping, its a great day out you will enjoy it (although the water was bloody cold at first !!). I think Scorpion may have a point with the swimming classes, ive never bothered but tend to suffer in the swim. The London event was my first, and to be honest i was just concentrating on finishing rather than position, so took it fairly steady...might be the best way to go for your first!

    Im doing the Windsor event this year and my training is currently,

    Mon - 2Km Swim

    Tues - 10 Km run

    Wed - 45 Mins turbo trainer

    Thurs - 45 Mins turbo trainer

    Fri - 10 Km run / 2 Km Swim / rest (whichever im in the mood for)

    Sat - 50 Km bike / rest

    Sun - 2 Km swim / rest

    I think its important to listen to your body so if your cream crackered, dont force yourself to train and just take a rest, then try to get back on board with the training the next day.
  • Hiya...I took part in the London Triathlon last year in the team event (I did the cycling)...it was my first experience of the Triathlon and got totally hooked! I'm not a good swimmer so I've made it my goal to compete in the individual event next year. This year I'm entered into the team event again while I get more training on my swimming. My advice would be to join a Triathlon Club (ASAP!) as they are great people and they really do help you train in the correct way. My other advice is to use a road bike if possible, I used a mountain bike last year and it was too heavy.

    Use this year to enjoy the experience!

    I'm also one of those big green Team Herbalife people!

    Have fun!
  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Hi Jo

    Saw from your other threads that your off to Tri camp... I would ask the coaches there if they can help you put together a proper training programme to cover the months leading up to London.

    In the meantime I've found the Swim4fun website really good for some swim programmes.. they have a specific tri section as well...

    As for the bike... best advice is get out on the roads and do lots of long bike runs.

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    so JO - you the forum expert on pain / speed trade off ... you have done the wax thing - how much could you expect to shave off your time with a Smooooooooooth pair of pins .. aint so bad for you being a girl you only really loking at legs - a chest wax might even cause you to shed a tear or two ...

    god the things i consider doing in the name of charity and speed

    the mad one !!!!
  • jojojojo Posts: 76
    well Phil ....

    I say if you're gonna do something ... go do it properly. You guys are such wimps .... we have more than just our legs waxed (well only on special occasions - he he). I dread to think what it would be like if you all had to have babies! It might not be just your speed that improves!!!!!!!

    Got my itinerary for Greece - really excited now - kit list is gonna cost a small fortune but at least I'll have all the stuff - only ever heard of half of the items mind you let alone used them!

    That David's a bit good isn't he for a first timer .....
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI Jo !!! might have question all this wimp business .. how much training have we all done over the last few months .. so how can a few wax strips be any worse .. (gulp) - am curious to know what else might improve then besides speed ??? (hurts to think too hard in all this sunshine)

    and enough with the "oh I am off to Greece for a 2 week training camp .. dont you know " GRRRRRRRR

    not that I am even slightly jealous (splutter!!!!!!!!!!) - so no more rubbing it in !!

    the mad one !!

    ps we have to ask tho with a time like Davids was he smoooooooth ?
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Think we can remove david from the wimp list with a time like that smooth or not
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Guys - the answer is i had my hair cut especially for the race[;)]

    However i didn't go for the smooth look, especially on the legs. I'll tell you what though, with all the water from the pool and the rain runining down them the hair was all laid flat anyway.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    The extra fur probably help keep you warm....or was it doing the tri that warmed you up?
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    People coming out of the pool into T1 were "Smokin'" steam rising everywhere.

    I am sure that if the light had gone, i would have glowed all the way home.

  • galoisgalois Posts: 3

    I am in a similar situation to the original poster. I have just decided I am going to do the olympic distance in August but have no real swimming experience. Is finishing an achievable goal?


  • jojojojo Posts: 76
    Hi Galois

    I really hope so. Read through all the posts on here - there is some great advice regarding the swimming. Me personally, I joined a tri swimming club last week and it was sooo helpful. I had been practising on my own trying to get my Front Crawl up to scratch but when I went to the club the people there basically taught me a whole new way of doing it which will hopefully mean I'll be much less tired by the time I finally finish the 1500m.

    Best thing to do is for the first triathlon lets just concentrate on getting through it and then maybe next time (if I can bear to do it again) then try to improve on times.

    Good luck

    Jo Jo
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307

    I hope you succeed, i'm sure you can. Jojo's comment about swim squads is good, join and get some people to train with and coaching advice on technique it has helped me no end.

    Have you competed in any of the disciplines or any tri before? I would suggest that you could find a super sprint at the end of May (400 swim), a sprint for the end of June (800 swim) and be better mentally prepared for August 6th. I know the pool swim competitions won't prepare you for the wetsuit section but according to the posts on here the wetsuit makes swimming a doddle.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Dotriharder speaks the truth ... try and get a practice or 2 in...if the second one can be 750m of openwater the all the better...

    I have a pool tri a week om sunday the a open water tri the middle of July...

    If you find a tri club the will probably have open water sessions so you can practice before a race...

    one final tip - never under estimate the darkside of cycling 40km you need miles on your legs..I am playing catch up at the minute as I have consentrated (for good reason) on my swim.


  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Hi Galois and others...

    Watch the video on this site about Ironman Hawaii... the basic mantra applies to anyone who decides to do a triathlon at any distance...

    no such thing as "I can't"

    By making the decision to do a triathlon you said "I CAN"


  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Wow!! what a link

    I know now that i won't do an ironman this year, i probably won't do an ironman next year..... but in the end i WILL DO an Ironman![:)]

    Just don't tell my fiance til after we're married.

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    That is truely inspiring...the guy who was asleep..and the range of ages and disabilities that can makes me feel humble..

    My wife is already moaning at my training for an olympic distance ...

    Maybe if I get her into it as well um...


    p.s. did you see how slow there arms were moving swimming?

  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    if jane thomlinson can do an ironman, and last one i watched there was a man with a prosthetic leg, then i'm sure we can all achieve more than we ever imagined, just put the training in and enjoy the day,

  • galoisgalois Posts: 3
    Thank you very much for all your comments and encouragement. I will be joining the local tri club for their swim training on Monday. I have already done the cycling and running seperately (did 10k over lunch the other day) so I am probably slightly over confident on these aspects.

    For anyone else reading this and worrying about cycling miles on legs is the best way - even if you can only do 5 miles a day it all helps!

  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    my first olympic race was london in 1998 i think, i had done no cycling at all and had to borrow a bike for the day, did a good swim, about 10th in my wave , the bike wasn't too bad as it's quite flat, but struggled on the run as the bike took a lot out of me, but i got round and thats the main thing.

  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Hi folks,

    Dunno if anyone else is like me but I started with the intention of doing one tri to show I could do it but like David and Ian I am now thinking of doing longer distances (wife not yet told) and then do an Ironman in a few years ... think we should start a new club Tri Addicts Anonymous!

  • mgs76mgs76 Posts: 10
    I'm also set for London to be my first Triathlon, I managed to get a charity place and will do the sprint distance.

    I'm in pretty good shape - I run, bike and swim regularly and do martial arts - the only thing concerning me is the open swim. I can do 750m easily enough in a pool (at the moment in about 15 mins) but haven't done any open swimming before......

    However, I live in Brighton near the sea, so once the water temperature rises another couple of degrees I'll get my trisuit and get out there!

    Good luck to everyone, especially those first timers.....
  • swarrenswarren Posts: 6
    Hello, everyone, its great to see all the comments and tips. I have also taken the plunge and I am doing the London Tri super sprint for the first time. I have to say I am struggling with the swimming, can only swim 100 m before having to stop before drowning. Just wondered if anyone's got any dietry tips. The more training I am trying to do the more my body is telling me to stop. I tried taking powdered isotonic and muscle supplements but they did not agree with me. So if anyone has any tips this would be greatly appreciated. At the moment the cycling is the best bit, but still not reached the race distance of 10km, but there are alot of hills were I live so hopefully this is good training. I am looking forward to the event , but I am a bit nervous as well, I just want to get round. Bye for now. Stuart
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Sounds like you believe in power rather than stamina. I could be wrong.

    There is another thread that shows peoples diets, some have big fry up most mornings lol.

    Supplements are only worth using if you are really drained or want muscle mass. I used to take a protein supplement only to be asked by my doctor (RAF days) if I was eating a ton of bananas a day becuase the supplement was going straight through me. So wasted loads of money.

    With reference to the swimming, and not sounding patronising, sounds like you need to slow it down a peg or two, and just achive the distance you need rather than a time you are aiming for. Once the distance is easily achievable then concentrate your distance mixed with sprints, techniques etc.

    Relaxing is the key to breathing easily in the pool.

    I used to be like that gasping for air, but I followed my own advise and now breathing is no problem, my shoulders get tired now.

    Hope this helps.

  • swarrenswarren Posts: 6
    Thanks Jason appreciate that, You're right about the swimming, I keep telling myself to slow down before I start and to relax more. Just cant seem to do it at the moment. Practice makes perfect so will keep plugging away. I think my diet is crap at the moment and there is room for improvement.
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Hi Stuart - if its any encouragement - some 10 weeks back i struggled badly with front crawl (look on the forum & you'll see the swim i was managing then) but with a consistent approach not rushing things (yes i did get frustrated at times) I have got to a point whereby i have cracked an olympic distance of 1500m & without being wasted. things that made all the diffrence

    1) accepting my weakness in swimming as something I could build on & not as a failure

    2) seeking support - i did this initially with a few lessons at my Total Fitness then by joining a tri club

    3) making my swim my priority in my training accessing a pool as often as possible - at peak I was swimming every day (occasionally more)

    4) realising that WHEN I cracked the swim the bike & the run would be so much more acheivable for me (the swim fitness you will acheive will only serve to beneifit the other two not to mention the sense of success you will carry forward)

    dream ... believe ....become

    mandurse (phil)
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Hi Stuart

    I can only agree with the otherr comments here, i too was a drowner[:D] i could swim 50m F/C but no more. Since xmas i have been training and asking my coach for feedback then working on the comments, my swim is much faster and more relaxed and i can get out of the pool at the end[:)].

    It seems to be a common thread that when swimming F/C we try too hard and windmill our arms too fast. Slow down and learn to breath first then with the stroke development the speed will come.

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    I feel so jealous about the London Tri I read all your comments and wish I was still doing it however it will have to wait till next year. There is still plenty of time to work on the swimming at steady consistant pace.
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