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I'm needing a little help making a decision on whats a good enough HRM to use.

I cant afford £250 for the top model and probably dont need it but also is one for £30 adequate ??

Any good advice would be appreciated !!


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Hi radiostar

    There is an advert in this months 220 for wiggle that have a HRM with 19 functions this one(click here) on their website only has 14 but does have the basic functionallity

    Average HR

    Max HR

    and training zones

    and its only 20quid (75% off)

    The above is purely based on price to features ratio which is pretty hi with 75% off I don't think you can go wrong.. I have just bought one (was goning to get th 19 function one in the advert but i guess they have sold out)

    Loonytoon (ian)

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Being new to all of this as well I didn't splash out on a hugely xpensive model, bought a Polar F6 (primarily as most people I see have Polar so thought it a good choice). Has pretty much all the functions I need and it is easy to use. Down side is that for some reason it has no stopwatch or lap function. But for £60 it treads a happy medium otherwise, plus it works in the pool.

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    I bought a polar s410 HRM off ebay last year for 50 quid still going strong and came with all the software etc take a look. Its better to push it slightly and get what you want than to keep that nagging thought of the 1 you wanted. Just my advice.
  • Just want to say thanks to loony and bonus for your input.

    Like you guvoo1 I dont like second best ! but I wont spend any unecessary cash !

  • Radiostar10Radiostar10 Posts: 15
    EVENTALLY !! I bought the polar s410, I think its brilliant just what I needed get software, I had to buy the infra red kit but it was well worth it !!

  • milnercraigmilnercraig Posts: 36
    I've got the Polar S150 which I find very useful. I use for all the disciplines and it works very well for me.

    The only advice I would offer is think about spending a bit extra and buy a one that will avoid "cross talk". I've bombed out of a couple of work outs in the gym because a fellow exerciser has jumped onto the treadmill beside me wearing his/her HRM which has interfered with mine.
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