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Planet X Bikes

I'm cuyrrently thinking of adding a road bike to my arsenal, and looking around I quiet fancy getting a Planet X Carbon Pro. Does anyone know much about them at all?

The other option I'm considering are Felt (F3C/F2C?) if anyone knows about them.

I'm also open to recommendations [:D]


  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I really want a Planet X bike, Sadly my girlfriend seems to think buying a house is more important :(

    I have read for the price you pay you get an amazing bit of kit.

  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    The Planet X bike got a good review in the magazine this month. They do look to be very good value.


  • If the Pro carbon road bike is as good as my Pro carbon Stealth then it will be awesome! & good prices. Look at their C+ test winning wheels £169 as well.

  • I saw a Planet X Carbon Pro @ a race to other week. It looked great from a distance with deep rim wheels etc.... But for me there looked to be A LOT of carbon in that fat weave. Not all carbon frames are super light! Anyway, I reckon Felt are the real hot properties at the moment....... Go for the Felt!
  • They are very nice bikes - in fact I have just bought 4 Carbon Pro road bikes and 3 stealth TTs. Oh and also 3 Alloy bikes. I know a little excessive but they are for test and rentals etc. I even put on the Ergomo upgrade on the road bikes and the wheel upgrade on the stealths.

    My wife if picking her stealth up form TCR next week - it is pearl white with pink decals - perfect for a girl.

    Anyway, will let you know how they ride very soon

  • Try them out and see which fits best; I own a PX Stealth - customer service was A+++ and fanstastic vfm, so the PX in my books would be hard to beat.
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    I could be being slow this morning but whats vfm mean?

    The difficulty is finding any where that stock the rides I'm interested in trying out. [:(]
  • Geoffrey Butler just up the road from you in South Croydon are now the southern stockist for PX. Go see them, or they are at TCR on Sat/Sun

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    I'm gutted I can't make the show, I've already commited to something else over the weekend that cannot be moved. Are there any other Tri shows like this?

    May have to go and take a trip upto GB and see then [8D] Cheers for the heards up
  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    vfm = Value For Money
  • Alternatively come and do the Goodwood Duathlon Easter sunday or the Steyning tri last Sunday in April. I'll gladly show off my stealth!

  • Hi Dave (Dotriharder)

    I'm in for Steyning and ESFRS again. Haven't done the steyning one before any good? whats the course like - i'm doing the 'long' distance. I will look out for a shiny bling planet x bike.

  • Hi Ian

    I'm doing the short one as it's a club championship event. The transition area is mainly matted, the bike course is rolling, the long one is half on the A24. The run course is down through Steyning village to the Bramber rdbt then back up: That's UP, back to the sports centre. Last year it was rainy, cold and it was my first ever event.

    Can't do the ESFRS this year as it clashes witht the Bognor 10k which the wife wants to do, & me. shame really, i enjoyed it, & 15th place was good too!

    See you at Steyning, David
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    sorry to barge in but a variation on your theme if you do not mind.

    i am thinking of buying some planet x 50's which are on special at the moment, any body heard anything about these wheels? good or bad.
  • I have the 82 and 101 they are light and sound great, the hubs run for ages. haven't done many miles on them yeet and haven't raced on them, but they promise much!

  • Just received the bike for my wife. It looks fantastic and if it were only bigger I could tell you how it rides. The wheels are the 50's which look fantastic with the white hubs. They feel very light. She is also getting a set of 101 and 82 for racing. I have to wait a little longer for my bike though.

    See it here - http://tinyurl.com/35uewk
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