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Advice on Duothans

I am entering an Duothon in November in Cirencester which I believe is 2 mile run then 10 mile cycle then 2 mile run, all of this is cross country so bye bye road bike and welcome back mountain bike; does anyone have any specific trainning ideas for this, should be great fun with lots and lots of mud and it should be blooming freezing!! Anyone else doing it????



  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Hi Ian,

    Just lots of Mountain biking and lots of x/c running... MTB ing is less steady state power so fatigue comes on a bit quicker... get out on as many muddy trails as you can and do as many muddy hills as you can... it'll sort out any pedalling technique probs as well (if you have any!)

    Enjoy... its good clean (!?!) fun!!
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    MTB is awesome fun. The only problem will be some of the technique if your a pure roadie so its definately advisable to find some mud and get dirty! You'll have to concentrate more on picking a line through obstacles as well as adjusting to the fatigue MTB places on your arms if its particularly rough.

    One other issue I've seen people struggle with is mud and gearing on hills, many are tempted to push the lowest gear possible, not advisable as it causes the back wheel to spin out, your better off pushing a slightly higher gear which will help provide more traction. If you have any other q's on mtb I'm can try and help.
  • FLaPFLaP Posts: 13
    As a mountain biker I would suggest you get some mud tyres, so that on the day of the duathalon you can put the correct tyres according to the ground conditions. Plus practice on the mountain bike as much as possible - but just remember that you shouldn't fight the bike, the bike knows the way to go!
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