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Training days at Dulwich College 5th April 2008

Has anyone done one of these here, unless your a complete beginner then dont bother, all I can say is what a complete waste of money, they charge in the region of £45 for the day and it seems to be far over priced. The day began be being sat on the floor in the gym and waiting for the 'coach' to arrive who was going to take us for the session... swim/bike or run, being in group B our first was the bike, the trainer was brillian, but didnt go into the advanced riding techniques which would of benefitted a few people better, one hour in the class room and 25 minutes outside on the all weather sports field where those people who had brought their bikes were made to run to them jump on them ride round one lap and put the bikes back and run back to the line; well worth making sure my bike was in pefect running order just for that ! There was then a break where we were able to look around the various stands, 3 in total, a drinks company, a healthy options company and a bike shop with a few odds and sods. Next came the run bit which was good, we did 30 minutes of warm up in the gym and then went outside to the track where we did some excellent trainning and followed it by a cool down; Lunch then followed and the day just lost its appeal after that, there was a seminar for those people doing the london and blenheim triathlons, again sitting on the floor for about 45 mins, no chairs provided and my enthusiam had gone, come the break time I decided to forget doing the last session and left, dissappointed that I had not enjoyed the day, resentfull that I had not spent more than 2 minutes on my bike and thinking I wish I hadnt of bothered, was this just my view having done several triathlons before and expecting more or is this normally the case when more than 200 people come on a trainning day ??????
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