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Hi All, relative newbie to the Triathlon scene - completed a handfull of sprints in 2010 and now signed up to two 70.5 Ironman races in 2011.

Im looking at putting together a training plan to support my goal of completing between 5-6hours. Can anyone recommend any good websites / companies that can help put together a training plan and monitor progress etc??

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Russ,

    I recommend you first determine how much you are ready to use time for training and when you want to achieve your goal. Timing and training loads have to be balanced such that your motivation stays all the time good and you gradually enhance your fitness and physical condition. Too much too early is may be worst thing to do. Your training should be first very versatile and move slowly into specific direction. Below you can find some basic principles:

    Plan your training for maximum fitness gains and motivating training. If you want to improve your performance and fitness, your training cannot be the same all the time, otherwise your body will adapt to the training, your condition will settle at a fixed level and you can continue to train without making the any significant improvement.

    Planning your workouts and training in advance will give several advantages and help you to achieve your goals. Building up a training plan and planning the workouts can be done in three steps:

    1) Set your goals;

    2) Periodize your training; and

    3) Make progressive training, workout and exercise plans.

    Considering all the three things above, you can create an encouraging, motivating and fruitful training plan. This way you can also take into account your favourite training methods without sacrificing fitness gains and performance improvements.
  • CharlieCharlie Posts: 4
    I am planning to also add push up in my daily routine...
    Actually i am use to run daily in the morning...

    bootcamp orange county
  • RhonaRhona Posts: 2
    Hi Russ,

    You're probably well on your way with training by this stage but if you're still looking for info my website might help! https://www.intelligent-triathlon-training.com. We (me and my husband - tri coach for BTF) are still adding to it so it doesn't have generic training programmes on there yet but it does give advice about different types of training and how to implement them.

    We've also just added a training planner that you can download and use to track your progress, profile your swim/bike/run performance and record your goals, races etc. We think it's pretty flash - it should be with the time it took to put together!

    Otherwise websites like beginnertriathlete.com have generic plans you can use.

    Hope that helps, good luck with the racing!
  • Hi all,
    Triathlon Week has put together a printable race day checklist to help you remember which items
    to bring to your Triathlon. Just download, print and check the night before your race. If you have any
    comments about the race day checklist, just leave them below.triathlon training
  • NeornNeorn Posts: 4
    I like to do running in the morning regularly.And after it i do some push ups exercises.Have anyone good idea about some other exercises that i should do.Reply soon.Thanks.
  • Rbrown2897Rbrown2897 Posts: 14
    Neorn - I would suggest you look at the TRX system. It is fantastic for all over body workout and can be taken and used anywhere.

    A fantastic piece of kit (I am not sponsored by them, just think it is fantastic).

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