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Hi All,

I am now starting my second tri season, until last year i could not swim but some how managed to teach myself and get through a few sprint events which I enjoyed, my last one i came 3rd from last in the swim. I am looking for some help in improving my swim and possibly get a tri specific swim coach.
I am in the colchester area in Essex.
Does anyone know if there is a coach within my local area? or where to find one?



  • Hi
    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but we are holding a triathlon swim training day at Folkestone on Sunday Feb 27th
    I have posted this link to my website for you to look at encase it may help.
    http://homepage.ntlworld.com/swim-tech1 ... ngday.html
  • Theres a Tri club in Braintree called Born2Tri, they have some coaches there that are supposed to be pretty good and are Level 3 British Triathlon Coaching qualified. Thats who I will be going to.
    Give there website a check out, you can contact people from three.

  • CharlieCharlie Posts: 4
    I am fond of swimming and think that i should swim rather than to do push ups...
    It would be better exercise for me...
  • At Fritton Lake in Norfolk there are open water swim sessions, with coaches present to help you.

    Please check out this website for full details:

    Best Wishes
  • NeornNeorn Posts: 4
    Hello everyone.I really like swimming but the problem is this i have no any training of it and i am afraid of it.Kindly tell me how can i do swimming? Is here any trainer who can give me training of swimming? IF yes then reply me.I will contact him.Thanks.

    physical therapy management
  • MarshalMarshal Posts: 4
    Hello charlie both the exercises are good for health and swimming is more better than push ups because it is the movement of legs and arms and whole body so it is more better but push ups has its own importance.
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