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Balancing Tri with competetive Swimming

Hi all

I recently joined the forces (aged 24) and finally got back into sport properly. I am a swimmer and compete regularly for the Royal Navy. My PT Instructor is keen for me to get into triathlon as I was also reasonably sucessful at Navy Cross Country this year. I used to XC Mountain Bike when I was a kid and when he found that out he was adamant that I should give Triathlon a shot. My only question is- is it possible to fit tri training into my swimming programme? At the moment I do the following:


am: 4-5km pool set (directed by my coach)

pm: 45 min run (usually about 5 miles)


pm- 90 mins swimming training (with the navy squad)


noon- Core Stability/Weights Session

pm 60 min Swimming Training (squad)


am- 4-5km pool set

pm- 90 mins swimming training (squad)


afternoon- weights/core stability


Easy run and swim plus one full rest day. OR competition weekend (1 in 3)

My schedule is pretty full on as I go to work in between. Is it possible to swap some of my swims for bikes without affecting my swimming times for galas? Can I add to that schedule (gradually) without risking total burnout?

Any ideas/comments would be very welcome!



  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI Tiny - Am an ex army pti so know somewhat of where you coming from. If the Navy anything like the Army you will be given loads of time to train for sports especially if you any good. If you rate your fitness and think your swimming will tolerate a month say of marginally reduced training so as to put more time into bike & run then maybe you will have more of an idea. There is a RN/RM tri club http://www.rnrmtri.co.uk/ have a look see and find a contact near you. shout the mand see if they can advise more around your situation. I dont know what other comittments you may have workwise or what ever & is all i guess about prioritising and balancing things. I doubt long term your swimming will be affected by you getting into tri (danger is you might prefer it .. oops)

    [center] [/center]







    [center] tri club[/center]


    [center]legs & delt’s[/center]








    [center]pec’s & bi’s[/center]

    [center]easy bike[/center]






    [center]road or tri club[/center]



    [center]back & tri’s[/center]


    [center]spin or road[/center]




    [center]brick trg[/center]






    [center]tri club[/center]

    [size=1]this an example of how I have trained previously.

    shout me if I can be of any more help am off sswimming soon

  • TinyTrierTinyTrier Posts: 18
    Thanks for this madnurse

    They are pretty good at giving time off. I'm still under training so time is pretty limited but they already let me off troop pt to do my own stuff so that I could manage my training more effectively. I will get in touch with the tri guys see if I can find some time to meet them. It's all pretty mental considering I had trouble with the BFT just 7 months ago!!

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    am hoping you can breeze a BFT without thinking nowadays [:D]
  • Um yeah. I did my last one in 9'30 and I had Brochitis at the time. They don't bother making me do them much anymore really. Don't know if I can still do a 5 mile speed march in my fighting order tho!
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