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Running help needed

Can anybody offer help to a recent problem that has arisen with my running training.

I've been running for a few years and have completed over 20 10k runs and a few sprint tris in the last 18 months, so i'm not a complete novice to training.

But recently i've notice that about 1/2 way into my regualr run I start to develop what can only be described as a "flat foot" on my left side. This is the followed by a tightening of my left calf.

I've made sure that I stretch both before and after the run, and even tried new running shoes thinking my old ones had lost their support. But nothing seems to stop this from happening.

Has anybody else had this problem, are there any running drills that I should try to improve my running style to remedy this.

All help much appreciated.



  • It could be that the muscle at the front of your lower leg (the flexor hallucis longus muscle) is becoming fatigued. Strengthen it with toe raises: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rkeAEcpPb8

    This can also be done with weight.

  • Are you get any pain/pins and needles in the calf shin or foot? Have you increased your work load sudenly?

    I used to get pins and needles, which then turned in to a numb foot about ten years ago. It was diagnosed as compartment syndrome. I knew i had a problem but wouldn't lay off the running, i kept pushing untill i was totaly busted up and had no option to stop runing because it was to painfull. Not wanting surgery I had a to totaly lay off running for the best part of 18 months and when i started back i had to build the mileage back up realy slowly and it's never been the same since.

    I'm not say this is what your problem is, i just want to high light what could happen if you ignore these signs and your body could be trying to tell you something. My advice would be ease off and not push to hard before you get it checked out by the Doc/physio.

    Hope it gets better soon.
  • I would get a sports massage/see a physio. You might also be given some stretches to help ease the problem. I sometimes run flat footed when my calf muscles are tight and I'm currently on a three-a-day stretching regime set by the physio and pod to loosen my calf muscles before I do myself any permanent damage.

    Doesn't sound too serious at the moment, but get it seen to before it gets any worse.
  • Thanks for the help, now booked in for a physio session.

    Last run ended with the feeling that my left foot was made of concrete. Everything from the knee down felt twice the weight.

    This may be the excuse is need to concetrate on the other disciplines...shame

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