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Felt B16 or PlanetX Pro Carbon?

Hi all, first post so go easy on me.
I've decided to take the plunge and buy a carbon Tri specific bike, I'm just unsure. I realise I may need to try both bikes for size and fitting but just wanted any opinions on which bike people think is better. The felt B16 or a planetx which I can upgrade with better components...would this then be a better bike? It would be cheaper than the felt with better components, but have read that the planetx frames might not be too good? I'll be using the bike for couple of Olympic distances and the beaver middle distance this year, maybe an ironman next year. Currently ride a Giant defy 2.5.
Thanks, look forward to the advice


  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    Head says PX as they are incredible value. Heart says Felt as the DA is luvverly so you can pretend thats what you have. I,m also a big fan of the bayonet front end - very cool bit of design.

    A club member had a bad experience with the PX aftersales on a road bike but I've not had any problems and another advantage to me is they are local. Now if you'd said B16 vs PX Exocet.....hmmmmm.

    Obvious answer is to pick the one that matches your trisuit/club colours.

    (Felt....no matter what results the PX gives me I'd ride it knowing it wasnt the Felt)
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Mate has a Felt B2 rates it V highly. B16 has same geometry as I undersatand it but different grade of carbon and a different fork (no bayonet). The standard Felt wheels are quite good as standard (my mate ran his for 2 years before changing to Zipps) most bikes you have to change.

    The PX can be had for £1099 with SRAM Red, another £550 will get you the new PX RR50 wheels which I have and very pleased with.

    Felt good frame, decent components, different from the crowd, decent standard wheels.
    PX great price, top notch components, very popular, enough left to buy good wheels.
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